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6/12/2023 c19 Thunder Dragon
And whew boy. Together it seems like their is nothing that those two can't do.
6/12/2023 c18 Thunder Dragon
Oh yes! I want more. This is just fun. You are making the kids become heroes and their journey shows them their character and also their growth
6/12/2023 c17 Thunder Dragon
Yep, I want more jokes! This is classic Dragon Ball revamped and I am loving it.
6/12/2023 c16 Thunder Dragon
I am loving the nostalgia of this story. It makes me feel like a kid again.
6/12/2023 c15 Thunder Dragon
This was fun. And I bet Goku is glad to have a girlfriend who can watch his back even if he does not know it yet.
6/12/2023 c14 Thunder Dragon
Heh! This story captures classic Dragon Ball while giving it a new spin. I love it!
6/12/2023 c13 Thunder Dragon
Yep. Here comes the storm! And I see the running gag of the story. Caulifla girl just admit it.
6/12/2023 c12 Thunder Dragon
I like to see how you are staying with the manga but I do hope that you bring in some other elements as well from the Dragon Ball franchise.
6/12/2023 c11 Thunder Dragon
Heh, this was just plain fun and it is nice to see some of the ladies of Dragon Ball get involved.
6/12/2023 c10 Thunder Dragon
And here comes the Red Ribbon Army! And with two Saiyans the bad guys do not have a chance.
6/12/2023 c9 Thunder Dragon
Yeah, this is what would happen if Goku ran out on marrying Chi-Chi. Also you are really developing the characters. I like this.
6/12/2023 c8 Thunder Dragon
Huh, Goku is showing some maturity. He chose to quit rather than win by becoming a literal monster.
6/12/2023 c7 Thunder Dragon
Oh yes! I like the idea of the two crushes going at it in the ring. But hopefully not like that
6/12/2023 c6 Thunder Dragon
This was a decent action chapter and I am liking the fact that Goku is getting wiser from his experiences.
6/12/2023 c5 Thunder Dragon
Oh boy, this is going to be a headache for Goku. I love it!
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