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for Carrots and Cauliflowers

1/28/2020 c5 VvDigicvV
This story is great, can't wait for the next chapter.
1/28/2020 c5 Hypersonic099
If the tail does come back, is ssj4 a possibility later on?
1/27/2020 c5 xadhoom boy
Getting rid of Bacterian was the right choice. Now i'm really curious about the draws of the eight finalists. Nice Goku, too.
1/27/2020 c5 6danielmcfilms
It's truly nice to find a well written fic with a decent update schedual. But I agree with you the Chi-chi being a harpy, she really does need to learn when to chill. Here's to hopping that Gohan is still just as smart as he is in cannon. (I just realized Gohan's now gonna be a full Saiyan.)
1/27/2020 c5 Guest
For Goku later on when he's older, please give him different gi like the red and black xeno one or at least something similar to it instead of the normal orange one like how Vegeta wore black instead the usual blue in DBS.
1/27/2020 c5 11The One True Demon Lord
Interesting chapter. Kinda feel like your implying his tail will grow back. I think it would be interesting if he kept it. It would be a step ahead for him to get over the stigma he associated a saiyan tail with, and since canon universe 7 saiyans are only at full power with their tail, it would let him be a bit stronger than canon goku, pretty sure he already is anyway

Keep up the great work
1/27/2020 c5 1thewittywhy
Well that was fun. Nice to see Goku being less of a yokal and more of an actual character. Though I am slightly terrified as to how Chichi will react.

PS: No clue if something was cut by accident or not, but the last line before the AN was "Mount Frypan Fire Mountain".
1/21/2020 c4 2Alpha1Son
When the tournament comes. Can caulifla and goku keep their tails please. I love this story keep up the great work. Don't make goku promise to marry chichi. Please make caulifla fall in love to goku
1/20/2020 c4 xadhoom boy
Don't worry, you are doing good: if there were no changes, what would be the point of an Au, after all?
1/19/2020 c4 2MrTwistr
So fun. Caulifla evens out Goku's overexaggerated naivety quite well. Definitely a great pairing.
1/19/2020 c4 uchihaNaruto247
Great chapter, I liked the pacing of it and Krillin learning the kamehameha early is pretty cool as well
1/19/2020 c4 12mastercheif1229
Incredible chapter! I can't wait for the next one!
1/19/2020 c4 6danielmcfilms
I was litteray just wishing for a new chapter when this popped up. Now I feel confident enough to work on my own fic, thx dude/ girl.
1/19/2020 c4 1thewittywhy
My oh my that was a well done chapter. Don't worry, Caulifla hasn't gone into Mary sue territory. It's actually nice to see someone help Goku's very lacking intellect.

Though, just a note, if Caulifla was the one beaten by Jackie Chun in round one, instead of Yamcha, it could help her growth. Sure, she'd be angry about not getting past round one, but it would be a great visual for Goku and Krillin of how powerful this old master is. Would also knock Caulifla off of any potential high horse. A humbling experience.

Just a thought. :)
1/17/2020 c2 2MrTwistr
Gotta admit the dynamic between the three Turtle Students is pretty funny.
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