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6/12/2023 c4 Thunder Dragon
Yes. I like how the two monkeys are getting more and more heroic. And Goku is learning!
6/12/2023 c3 Thunder Dragon
And from this I know this story is going to be fun. I approve!
6/12/2023 c2 Thunder Dragon
So we need to get through some classic Dragon Ball before we go into the new stuff. I approve.
6/12/2023 c1 Thunder Dragon
And here is how it begins. Lets get ready for adventure!
6/11/2023 c59 Eddy
Once again another great chapter you make and keep up the good work. Also can you use the English dub names instead of the sub names please.
6/10/2023 c59 Savageverse
Frist of its namekian not what you put and second nobody likes the sub so use the dub names
6/9/2023 c59 Caspian123
So, Corne and Onio are definitley Red Shits, but, I wonder what's gonna happen to Nappa this time around.
6/9/2023 c59 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus
Is this the fic that I suggest making Nappa become a director and CEO of his own media industry?
6/9/2023 c14 UlfTheBerserker
6/8/2023 c1 Ravensflock
Can’t lie lost intrest when I seen you make a shit load of saiyans survive. Makes the whole goku and cauliflower both sent to earth to survive really pointless and redundant
6/8/2023 c59 2GM10
Nice episode, the space monkes that are still working (for now) for the ice demon arrived to Earth, Kale just watches, Yamcha almost got Yamcha'd, and do I see a liiiittle smidge of a crush on Krillin from Jica?
Now to see what happens, on the next DRAGON. BALL. ZEE!
6/8/2023 c59 david.teague.3950
I know headaches all too well I live with my has been dad, he's beaten his body so much he can't do half the stuff that needs to be done. After a month of being down we finally got a AC belt on our Trailblazer it took a lot of frustration with our local parts dealer because the dumb aces kept trying to give us the wrong part. We had to buy a new AC Belt Tensioner, get it put on followed by its new belt and the original serpentine belt. Now when dad puts the AC on full blast the damn thing is squealing so either the clutch is going, quite possible considering how often we tried running AC without realizing it didn't have a belt, or the condenser is going. We're hoping it's just the clutch, the only effing problem is that I can't find instructions be it on youtube or the net in general that explains how to replace an AC clutch on a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer with a 5.3L Vortec Engine it's downright maddening.

On the topic of your story, it's a good chapter, though I consider Yamcha getting blown up by a Saibaman to be the butt of the joke it's actually kind of amusing all things considered.
6/7/2023 c59 1thewittywhy
Oh thank Kami, Yamcha is okay.

I like how you built up the peace and business of the city before everything went Hiroshima.

I'm really not sure if Vegeta will make it out of this. If people can be spared death like Yamcha, people can get dead as well.

Plus, Vegeta at this stage would definitely sell out his people for his personal gain. The dude was a complete psychopath throughout Z.
5/26/2023 c58 2Pinkypi
Hope you are doing well author-san! This has been great to read again :3 and then to catch up with the chapters I hadn't read. Though I do wonder when Goku and Kaulifla are going to tap into the same power Kale does since they've had 5 years to work on it now and they completely forgot it's existence fighting their brothers xD
5/26/2023 c57 Pinkypi
I'm honestly glad they dealt neither with hell or the snake princess. I couldn't see them falling themselves when they can fly.

Also King Vegeta? Heeeeh~ this means that both of them should be quite a bit above what Goku achieved on his own xD.
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