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for Parents Can be so Embarrising

6/29 c1 49Shiranai Atsune
This was great! Thank you for writing this! Love it!
1/8 c1 1LumasFreakshow
ishbal is from fma ishval is from brotherhood. the name of the place is Kanama and ed punches his dad right when they got there not after. ling and Al are the same age. around this time Ed and Al are 15 and 16 b/c the next day (chronologically speaking) is the promised day and ed and al become normal at 15 and 16. it’s lan fan not lang fan and it’s fu. please do your research. and let me beta this. the idea is great but you need someone to look it over. -.
1/8 c1 86CitrusChickadee
The present tense caught me by surprise a bit, as did the fact that this is apparently a gender-bend story? This was pretty cute, though. I can definitely see Ed/Em getting super-flustered over the topic of dating, haha.

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