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2/18/2020 c1 2Red-eyed-Zombiekitten
Yay I read the first chapter! Finally! :D And finally, I can give you a feedback! :3 Well then: I love how vivid and charming you are writing the characters! 3 You have such a fresh and lovely style of writing, it's really fun to read. I love all the details, facial expressions and gestures you are picturing while introducing and describing the persons. Every character that has appeared so far really comes across very charming, sympathetic and capturing, and I am interested to read more of each one of them. Maybe the level of teasing each other is a tiny bit too much - I mean for people who just met -, but if writing the chars in this manner makes you happy and is exactly what you love, then there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. 3 :3
However, I really enjoy your awesome and vivid writing style and will continue reading! :D

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