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for The Cat's Girlfriend

3h c1 Decker389
I liked it.
10/30 c1 Guest
6/15 c1 20Alyce and Indi
Hearts. Everything is the best. That is one of the calmest callouts I've ever read, but I still love it as much as the DIE LILA ones. :)
6/8 c1 10JuliaFC
I bet i know how lila will get out of the situation. Facepalms
5/16 c1 Strawberrycak
I really enjoyed it , I just hope something like this happens in the actual show cuz Lie-las lies are kinda unrealistic most of the time or that’s my opinion anyways if anyone were to tell people that in real life they would laugh and think it was a joke or just call her our immediately
Thnx anyways
5/14 c1 Hkt29
Very satisfying. I'm sorry for Alya because she ended looking as a fool but it's a lesson she needed.
5/11 c1 violet lilaccs
:3 simple but very beautiful
4/11 c1 Guest
2/23 c1 41DragonBookLoverKitkat913
I'm about to go through all you Miraculous stories so if you get a bunch of notifications about me favoriting them all...sorry? I just really like the concepts and story-writing!
2/8 c1 AnimexFreakz 0.o
Love, love, loved it! Thank you so much for writing, I love how you always show how clever Mari is, I really enjoyed the story!
2/4 c1 5Whovianeverlark17
hahaha this is hilarious and perfection! I love it!
2/2 c1 4Swirlspot
Poor Alya... She totally deserved it though. I was so angry to see her completely snub Marinette in favor of Lila. Canon or not, it just seemed odd and unexpected.
As always, I love your twist on things!
1/27 c1 1geekqueen2010
If I was Marinette I'd post something about it on /rNeuclearRevenge or at least /rProRevenge cuz she takes out Lila and her unreliable ex-best friend Alya at the same time!
1/27 c1 2Silvanon of the Orchard
1/19 c1 7System11
awesome little one shot. I always find my head hits the table with "WHY!" when someone corrects Lila with "No he cant.. oh because he is dating marinette" (yes of course that was well thougth through Adrien! *facepalm*) Dont get me wrong I live the stories and all but this one is much more "realistic" x well done x
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