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2/26 c12 3Greatazuredragon
Very entertaining read so far.
Keep up the good work.
2/26 c7 Greatazuredragon
Yay! Tattletale is coming! ;p
2/26 c5 Greatazuredragon
Fun story so far, good work.
2/23 c1 Linkskingsolomon
Sooo, no buu. Little disappointed in that but no fault of your own. I just like buu and saw what character you had tagged
2/21 c12 ArielFTW
Great fanfiction, 10/10, will recomend to all of my friends
2/15 c12 PasiveNox
Oooooh yeah nice chapter
2/15 c11 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter
2/14 c7 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter
2/14 c6 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
2/14 c5 PasiveNox
Great chapter
2/14 c3 PasiveNox
Great great chapter
2/14 c2 PasiveNox
Great great
2/14 c1 PasiveNox
Nice chapter
2/13 c8 CharmingButIrrational
Kinda boring you added this unnecessary emotional instability
2/13 c12 2Jack Inqu
No worries about the delay; life has been crazy for everyone as of late. I hope you're doing well.

Hmm, what was Fae worried about?

Weld is a pretty smart guy.

Let's see how training goes.

Take care, good luck, stay safe, stay healthy, and I look forward to your next update.
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