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3/11 c1 Bountyhunter1977
Nice one shot.

The one of many things that bug me is lack of forethought and preparation Obi-Wan did to train Luke. I am sure he did not plan on dying on the Dearth Star until the last minute but spending 19 years basically alone with a lot of free time you would think he would have done something like having a few books written by his hand on the Jedi history maybe not to detailed but a overview. Well maybe detail the clone wars so there is record of what went wrong. Maybe go into detail force techniques and Lightsaber forms. But for this one shot Obi-Wan should have taken possession of Holocron or borrowed it and added to it , then at a later date give it back to ghost crew , after having a vision, hide it at the temple at Yavin 4 where Obi-Wan force ghost can lead Luke to after the Death Star has been blown up.

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