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7/29 c10 Lucyvrose
I hope you update soon this story is very good and I can’t wait to read more
6/29 c9 Guest
Can you upload soon it’s really good and I enjoy reading this story a lot
5/13 c9 Lucyvrose
Please update soon it’s so good
2/27 c8 caritobear
Thanks for update! What a beautiful idea about the adoption!
And poor Rebekah! So many things to think about it!
2/16 c6 caritobear
Thanks for update! I cried a little with Caroline, but i think that Klaus have a point this time!
2/13 c6 Moon Songbird
I have to say, I thought that once Klaroline got to the baby making faze of their marriage it would be Caroline the one reluctant to conceive a child, not Klaus. You managed to surprise me! Can’t wait for the next chapter and for Klaroline to patch things up!
1/16 c2 caritobear
Omg. ..chapter2 and so much drama! I love it!
Thanks for coming back! ;)
1/12 c1 5fandommatchmaker19
Holy hell! Wow! Just wow! I absolutely loved this! I read the beginning when you posted it earlier, but I absolutely loved the rest of it! I loved the high pace of the chapter! I loved the slightly noticeable shift in Haylijah’s relationship, in that they’re very much in sync here! I do hope they will have one long convo at some point to talk about all their issues!
The scene with Elijah and Bekah was just heartbreaking
I love that Freya kept a relatively level head & that she took charge in finding the next best option for Kol!
Kol lives, right? Right? Because he has to! He’s bloody freaking Kol!
Great job! Can’t wait for more! This is just amazing!

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