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for All Out of Tears

5/3 c21 gaminggamers1122
are you not gonna update this anymore? cuz this is amazing
10/7/2021 c21 7Wally991
It hurts that this was dropped
10/6/2021 c1 Wally991
Wait wait, something is off. Church? But by the time Mikoto, Welf and Lili became part of the Hestia familia they already had the Hearth Mansion, the church was destroyed before the war against the Apollo familia.

So...when is this? Haruhime is alive, I suppose, you didn't mention her...then... I'm confused...
7/19/2021 c2 E
7/19/2021 c1 1NightSoro
Sad that such a story is abandoned...
5/23/2021 c21 Guest
Great story, would love to see it continued. In any case? Thanks for the great read
3/15/2021 c21 m
I just reread this entire thing and man I remember how great this is, but maannn last chapter is somethin I see always see in a romance, where they introduce characters and feelings that lead to jealousy and possibly doubt, and the main couple splits for a bit or somethin like that. I mean I understand that it always makes a romance good, but it gives me that irky feelin in my chest ya know
2/12/2021 c21 Bartfratze
Really well done Ishtar arc. Also, I like that him being there actually has consequences now because he was careless. The single famili moments are nice too.
2/11/2021 c13 Bartfratze
I am enjoying this story but I really have to say that it being so disjointed makes it harder to read than necessary.
2/11/2021 c12 Bartfratze
I love those Slice-of-Life'ish segments in fanfictions, expecially if they are done with the unique characters in minds. Nice chapter.
2/5/2021 c21 JemeryT
Nice work
2/2/2021 c21 Guest
Pls update more
1/27/2021 c21 IronHyde
This story is amazing, but it looks like your not going to work on it again. :(
1/11/2021 c1 jarodsgaming
1/10/2021 c17 Dylandidi10
100th comment! It's about time you came back, don't you think?
6 months already! That's how long it took you to make your 21 chapters! Have you had an accident? You don't intend to abandon your story like 99% of fiction writers, I hope? You didn't invest all this time for nothing, we are waiting for you Lucky !
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