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1/9/2021 c21 Lazzamarth
Great story, keep up the good work!
12/10/2020 c5 Guest
Amazing work. Keep it coming please.
12/9/2020 c1 Guest
I need more. This is amazing!
12/9/2020 c21 Guest
Next chap?
11/20/2020 c1 6BChuggs
Bro where the next chapter this shit heat
11/14/2020 c21 pidgeyusedive
amazing work. eagerly awaiting your next chapter :)
11/7/2020 c21 Levidium
This story is poggers
10/28/2020 c21 LegoFilms
I really love this fanfic, it's been a little bit since a new chapter, are you going to make more? Also I made an account just to ask :)
10/28/2020 c21 MidnightAmbush
I love this story, and Bell x Ais stories are great, but there's also a lot of them. I hope you continue soon, and it would be amazing if you were willing to write a Bell x Freya story, I think a lot of people would like it. :)
10/27/2020 c21 mastermacer780
This is amazing! Probably the best BellxAiz fanfic on the site although there aren't many that actually last very long anyway. This definitely had me hooked the whole way through. Definitely hoping for an update!
10/6/2020 c21 NightSoro
Easy, it's a class T Fanfiction, not M.
Reminder: T (Must not contain an adult theme.)
And: M (Only "suggestive minor" themes for adults.) Nothing detailed.
Like the beautiful post-wedding honeymoon from the movie twilight.

But that's not a problem, the best romances is often the one devoid of any sexuality, or at least of a "scene" that is sexually explicit. Example: Eureka seven, Gulty crown, Captain earth, Darling in the franxx "asexual heroine", AnoHana, Saint seiya "Athena, took a vow of chastity", Fate stay night "Saber", Sword art online, Grancrest Senki, Tenki no Ko and... All of them are special romances, sometimes chivalrous, that aim at spirituality. Look for stimulated people's feelings with beautiful words, actions or commitment, rather than with incessant fan service, sometimes quite trashy, which makes the value of a simple kiss non-existent...Rare things have more value and impact. Danmachi is not an Ecchi red category, like High shcool dxd. We'll never have a scene where Bell and Aiz copulate, we'll just see them with their children, all of them at most. So you have to stay decent, but nothing prevents you from insinuating that they had their first time one day, as long as it's romantic and not just on a Tuesday night "to try", because they are a couple... Don't imitate others, take your time to develop your characters with depth and make us dream, as you have done so far! :)

When is the next chapter ? Already 2 months.
9/19/2020 c21 Bop
This is a great piece of danmachi fanfic. I hope you plan in continuing the story as you have done a great job with the characters and furthering the AisxBell relationship.
9/8/2020 c21 Guest
Hope you update soon this story is amazing :)
8/31/2020 c21 TitoDePedito
I really like what you've done with the story! I absolutely think this is my favorite sword oratoria story in this site! I could really feel and sense the emotions and character development that the characters go through, and the way your portrayed the growth of bell was absolutely immaculate! I'm out here supporting the grind, and I hope to see you update soon.
Great job! -Tito
8/26/2020 c18 Dylandidi10
A maximum of two chapters per month would be really good, but only one is the minimum. Unless you're very busy, of course.
In any case, we want a new chapter, please.
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