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for All Out of Tears

4/30/2020 c18 2UnityorUnkit
I love it, continue as you wish! keep your own pace up!
4/27/2020 c1 Jose19
Loki is a decent Goddess in all ways because she genuinely cares for her Familia, and I am surprised that Bell didn’t go insane after Hestia died.

You do know that Revis has earned the full wrath of Freya who will destroy since she cares for Bell as well.
4/23/2020 c18 1Sagadth
This story is awesome, I hope you can update it soon!
4/7/2020 c18 blackberry1773
Grate story easily one of the best danmanchi story’s out there
4/6/2020 c18 Temsen
Bell is such a little shit there. So great! xD
3/29/2020 c18 Dauri
I love your story! Your take on character development with Bell is blowing my mind, your depiction of his personality helps me immerse myself in the story and keeps me at tge edge of my sit to find out what happens next as the plot progresses. Please keep up the good work and update quickly for the next chapter!
3/28/2020 c18 1Dxrshan
That was soooooo gasseddd. I like how you appreciated the foolishness but boldness of Bell wanting to save Haruhime. All the conversations had actual emotions behind them and you conveyed them really well. The fight scenes timings with the dialogue were sick too, honestly, it just seemed like it pieced together really well. I cannot wait for the next chapter!
Update soon!
2/29/2020 c17 Old leaf
Woah! Happy to see how the story and the protagonist are evolving. I have to admit that i was slightly worried about Haruhime, since in the original story it was Mikoto to bring Bell to know and then search for her. Hope to see the issue solving for the better! About the pairings, will it be a ais/bell only or will you add someone to the mix? I mean, he is still a bit immature regarding relationships, but with the way the story is going i think he is bound to realize the feelings that some ladies have for him and at least confront them on the issue. That being said, do you plan on making him learn some more magic? 'Firebolt' is good and all but if not charged by 'argonaut' it's usually used as a simple diversion. Hope to see another update soon since i'm really enjoing this fanfic, so see you soon! :)
2/26/2020 c17 Dxrshan
Ahhhhhhh! New chapter! I like the way you’ve has Bell already make the choice first to investigate rather than him beings oulled into the district some other way. Looking forward to how the future events match up!
2/25/2020 c16 2Masquer Q
Dang. Bell's getting up there so fast, he's beating Level 5s one on one now. I guess as Ais' party member, he's bound to be that strong now. Also, because the status stack per level, and he usually has around 1.3-1.5x stats compared to others for each level, so his bases should be comparable to high lv4 as a lv3, and easily lv6 as a lv5. Thinking that way, wow Bell's so broken.
2/24/2020 c3 4ThatBoiNice21
This is a great story brings tears to my eyes
2/12/2020 c16 Astraltower
Haruhime, woah. That's quick and clever to introduce her at this moment.
2/12/2020 c5 Astraltower
Listening to Tchaikovsky's Hymn of the Cherubim while reading this chapter. And it's magnificent. So far, I think this is the best Danmachi Fanfic I saw, ever.
2/7/2020 c16 Q2A
Hello there!

Just wanted to say thank you for writing this! I love your dialogue, your pacing, your story, and your seemingly innate sense for knowing how to touch our hearts.

2/5/2020 c16 Guest
Love this all so much! You're a beautiful artist (of words :p).
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