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8/3 c29 Thejoshmystr
Holy shit. I... I really like fanfiction. something that is far from easy to do, whether it's spoilers because I didn't read the manga, the story was written by someone who thinks "the characters all do exactly what I want regardless of personality or logic" is 'plot', or my absolute least favorite the ever popular "My characters all have pointlessly and unrealistically dark lives and have every mental illness from depression to DEEP psychosis, don't you emphasize with them".

but sometimes there's the 1% that just DO IT RIGHT, as far as writers go you are the 2nd one I've found and I appreciate you more than you know
8/3 c26 Thejoshmystr
lol that ayoyama was really bad
8/2 c8 Thejoshmystr
I smell romantic development
8/2 c7 Thejoshmystr
the alarm for the break in and the usj incident weren't the same day, were they?
8/2 c7 Thejoshmystr
just gotta bring up the kachan thing again, a much shorter rant this time. if uzuku could change his mind enough to scowl at all might he could definitely stop calling katsuki kachan for doing MUCH WORSE THINGS
8/2 c6 Thejoshmystr
hahaha "we're not better than you... much" hahahahahaa my ribs
8/2 c5 Thejoshmystr
this is one of my biggest problems with mha, izuku and katsuki's relationship, and izuku as a character. the fact he calls him "Kachan" bothers me greatly. I can't claim to understand human psychology or any disorder he may or may not have but how many times does your bully need verbally, physically and mentally abuse you before you stop using the childish friendly nickname?! and it's not the same situation where an abused child still seeks some kind of intimacy are approval from a parent, katsuki doesn't much provide anything for izuku. If it's some bizarre attempt at wanting a friend when he got actual friends that give a damn then I'd like to believe he'd stop..

I know this is ridiculously long and it's unlikely anyone will make it this far but I want to specify that my main problem is "kachan" I could understand some persisting subconscious idea that katsuki is better than our little bean, from you know the years and years of abuse but everytime he calls him kachan it feels -And I'll be honest here- fucking pathetic WHICH HE'S NOT. it's not like katsuki told him to call him that as some sick little head game he does it to and by himself
7/21 c70 Guest
I love that we both think alike...i about lost it when i realized if course the frenchman was into frog legs xD
7/5 c32 Alice Scarlett Knabel
I smell a cybernetic arm
6/21 c1 Colossus Bridger
I can’t help but view the Power Suit like the T-60 Power Armor from Fallout 4.
6/17 c17 kingthe13
Ironically not having a quirk has somehow decreased the number of injuries that he would of got from being in the tournament.
5/31 c87 6Kumorigoe
Wow. What a ride!

One of the best "for want of a nail" premise fics out there, just a simple change in geography and a brilliant depiction of the snowball effect of it through the rest of the tale. I cried more than once through this, and will definitely be on the lookout for more work from this extremely talented author!
5/31 c58 9Itack23
Ok two things I want to say. First, I'm impressed with the way you write Hagakure. Too often, excuse the pun, she's "invisible" in the stories, doesn't do nor appear much.
Second... damn Bakugo! Prove Nighteyes wrong, even if you lose your quirk! Way to go!
5/30 c87 SaltySwan
Alright, it's done this is absolutely #1 out of all the my hero fanfictions I've read and I'd arguably put it in my top 5 of all the fanfictions I've read. Thank you for the ride and I wish you the best in any and all of your endeavors both in writing and in real life.
5/30 c79 SaltySwan
she's pregnant and he's going to die, isn't he?
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