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38m c52 new808
I laughed to when I saw the name every time I read his name I also thought of boogers too
5/12 c83 8MosesArk Reborn2000
I don't know why I never said it before, but I'll say it now. Mei reminds me of Temperance from 'Bones' in that they are both extremely intelligent, dedicated to their work, have no real experience with friends and social gathering but slowly adapt and not only gain real friends but also a love interest along the way, though Izuku is nothing like Seeley.

Plus, it's fitting that these two, out of all the characters to survive till the ending, were still virgins until their wedding night. Where others sought comfort in another's arms during the War arc, they literally found it with each other, falling asleep together to drive back nightmares.

Uraraka's moment there with fact she refuses to upgrade even to a second hand car made me laugh, glad to see that the frame and money hasn't gone to her head yet, though correct me if I'm wrong but it sounded like she's pregnant again. If that's the case...whose the father since Katsuki dead and in heaven.(And most likely pissed someone made a move on his girl)
5/10 c7 1Nekoninja1107
I'm not a fan of izuku being like a lost puppy around bakugo, but I'm still willing to see where the story goes I guess..
5/10 c61 Noneofit
I remember I was a lot like Mei about Santa. I was raised catholic too so by then I’d reasoned that Santa exists as evidenced by presents and that as a saint his abilities are divine intervention ergo god exists because presents. When I was told Santa didn’t exist and went down the logical chain to “god doesn’t exist” my parents were shocked and dismayed. Sadly for them that conclusion stuck.
5/8 c6 Nekoninja1107
It was a bit tricky to get into and some stuff I wouldn't have put in, but overall I think I'm willing to commit to finishing this or at least giving it a good read through. eager to see where it goes...
5/8 c83 2BrazeRancor
Mei is so cute! The best! We’ve been waiting for this home run for like... the entire story I guess? Well done and thanks again!
5/8 c83 Random65
5/8 c83 coloradem
Thanks for this, I really love seeing all this wholesome chapter after all they live during the war
5/8 c83 1PokeKing Charizard
Very nice writing the wedding from Mei's perspective. So cute!
5/8 c83 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Always neat to read a chapter from her point of view.
5/8 c82 Azure dragon king
this was an amazing story I loved it
5/3 c7 1pavook
Really, why is Izuku still pining after Bakugo? Tsk. He should know better with the power of a new friend who actually cares. He should be able to notice that his 'friend' is actually only Tsun and no Dere.
What I disliked at the original tv show was this, it was so much worse than his fanboying after Allmight. Also, the fact that even the new school didn't care enough to spot that this kid with a quick fuse was not really great hero material and his teamwork was nonexistent.

I acknowledge Izuku's poor people skills, that's something that cannot be truly learned. Yes, you can get better at interactions, learn some small talk, but you will never be even remotely in the same league as someone who is a natural extroverted spokesman. Even then, if you do it for a while, it's tiring.

It's really weird this Stockholm obsession with a former childhood friend. I don't know, wouldn't the actual person with this condition latch into a NEW friend instead? At least that's what I think would actually happen.
5/1 c33 5Planar-Walking-Entertainment
Mr Majima, Aizawa didn't poach Mei. His students did. Once pack, always pack. All of 1-a and Mei has gone through hell. 2 Villain attacks, fighting Stain, 2 kidnappings, Fighting All for One Himself! That changes people, and with those kinds of changes leads to closely knit bonds you can't as easily break. They want Mei there? They'll get Mei there.
4/28 c82 2DatEevee1178
So... I want to start out by saying I found this story because I was bored and decided to try and find some Mei x Izuku fanfictions. Maybe some small fluff because life sucks and I want to read about happiness. BUT HOLY SHIT I was not expecting to read 82 chapters of this. This was easily the best fabfiction I've probably ever read, and one of the best pieces of fiction I've ever read. Like, if this wasn't already a pre-established universe and a fanfiction, I would so pay for this book. You did amazing.
4/28 c82 Aliocated
Low-key nearly made me cry reading the last 5 chapters. Honestly the second best fanfic I've ever read. A complex narrative, subplots, no clichéd tropes. Realistic dialogue and redemption.

Take a bow good sir.
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