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11/1 c5 dariofort
I am a recent teacher, here In México we are kinda lagging behind a lot of things but those reports at the end of chapters... seems pretty dehumanizing and insensitive.
10/26 c4 4Targetedandfiring
This chapter made me cry. Mei being the only person in Izukus corner really brought back some memories of when I felt like I had no one supporting me or my dreams.
10/18 c48 Valdiusmacto
That poor poor power suit baby, crippled in the womb by someone strangling it with the horror that is python.
10/8 c5 A Reverse Weeb
I'm dying of wholesomeness overload. I just love this so much! It's actually, genuinely really good!
9/28 c51 5Backpack Bandit
Well, they werent subtle at all were they?
9/28 c45 Backpack Bandit
In regards to the author’s note, that’s very similar to how I envision language in my stories. Like we’re reading it as english, but unless it’s actually specified to be in English then it’s translated *to* English. Sometimes I do just have characters speaking in English for simplicity’s sake, but there have been a few stories of mine where that’s different. For example, in my main story Twin Blades (a crossover of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), there’s two main languages; Hylian and Imperial/Fodlanese, which are translated into Latin and English respectively. Hylian gets translated to english if multiple characters are speaking it, but if the PoV character doesnt understand it then it’s italicized to indicate that it’s not understandable.

Language in stories can be very, very interesting if played right, so I like to do something different with it when I can. My favorite way it’s been handled in a popular story is in Jobless Reincarnation, where there are tons of different languages that dont get english subtitles until the main character, Rudeus, understands it. Once he learns the language the subtitles reflect that by being in English instead of the actual language he didnt understand before, and the people speaking a new language is used as a plot point several times (for example he gets thrown into a foreign prison and has to learn the language so he can make a defense for his release)

Tl;de language is cool and should be played with more
9/25 c22 Backpack Bandit
I glad to see Blasty McSplode turning himself around like this
9/25 c9 Backpack Bandit
As an english speaker, I have to agree with Mei; English *is* dumb and I hate it sometimes. Its not even a language, it’s three languages in a trench coat pretending to be one language that mugs other languages in back alleys for spare bits of grammar
9/12 c87 ckanehance
why dd it take so long for me to find this absolute gold of fic. very well written and worth ever second it took t read.
9/5 c9 BearGlitch
Ah, though now I'm reminded of your hypocrisy with how Mineta and Midnight's perverted personalities are treated. Like a high school teacher being a pervert to their students isn't as bad if not worse than a student, but I'm guessing it's the pretty privilege.
9/5 c1 BearGlitch
re-reading this gold for the 3rd time
7/13 c14 david.koubik19
6/27 c13 regirenka
we get it.. shes autistic...
6/27 c12 regirenka
lil bro gave up and started meat riding deku
6/27 c11 regirenka
i hope bakugo grows and develops instead of filling an antagonistic role this entire store
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