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9h c66 1RickRich809
Well fuck, the heroes are totally boned. The Hero rankings don't matter anymore obviously, it's time to stop thinking about who is top of the pack and more about how the pack stands together. What an absolutely grim moment, but I'm still left wondering what was that information Toga had on Togata? Seeing as Curious is still alive, I assume that'll still come into play. Great idea with having the League use the MLA as a glorified distraction.

A great chapter that further details the complexities of what would be a "war" like situation. Even when you win, you don't win, no winners in war, just survivors.

RIP my boy Crust, mans stood against the tide.
10h c66 1TheGreatBubbaJ
Ain't no rest for the wicked or the virtuous.
12h c66 8MosesArk Reborn2000
Dammit, not only do your title names fit each one, but the quotes as well, so before I even started reading this, I knew we were in for some shit. I love how you name the chapter after one of the most dire moments in DC comics, though I doubt they're be a event where the fallen are revived.

The UA students, those left standing anyway, were able to make their way back to their camp, and while they took serious losses-they did manage to get the head off the serpent, though I doubt they can take any solace in that because of the fact they needed to take lives and lost lives in the process. But while they have no clue to it, I have a feeling that the MLA may be finished...but not out of the equation as Tomura is been largely out of the story for a long time now, but if he moves like he did in cannon, he'll adsorbed as much of the MLA as he can, which means the league will grow from the literal hundreds if not thousands joining their ranks. Curious might just survive though as she's loyal to her own goals and so long as she can pursue them, she won't turn on you.

Sadly, while Shigaraki's gaining allies and pawns, the heroes are losing allies as: Death Arms, Mount Lady, Edgeshot, Mirko, Tiger, Endeavour and Hawks are all down and Crust died off screen(Oddly enough, he never even made an appearance or was well, involved with cannon events as far as the anime is concerned). I'm just glad that Mandalay made it out alive and wasn't mentioned or shown to have gotten a crippling injury, Kota is going to need his aunt no more then ever. Same with Pixie-bob, though she was really...really shaken by the day's events and no-one can blame her her jo before this was mountain rescue, jumping into brutal urban warfare from that is a massive step.

With Izuku, he's in a position that he never wanted to be in, as yes, he wanted to be like All Might, but All Might was more a figure or symbol than anything else, he didn't have to command, to make tough calls, to watch friends and allies perish. Right now, I'm getting Attack on Titan vibes as right now, Izuku is a Reluctant hero but not a bad one. He's handled things as well as one could expect from him, even better as before this, he had no real experience. His orders are all logical and essential as while I doubt the League will make a move on UA right now, it would be a dangerous gamble not to assume so and prepare for such. And Neu was right, he can't lead as he has no real field experience, and the heroes they have left don't see him in that light. People need someone to be seen as a leader as much as one that can act like a leader but at least he's still alive and kicking to act as a advisor and tactician for their side in this war.

I'm waiting for someone to point out that it's clique to have the girls be the most popular in the eyes of the public, but it fits as they are all young and pretty. Mt. Lady was able to climb the ranks as far as she did partly because of her looks and her willingness to flaunt that. They are going to need that to get people to listen. Though they might have some good news coming for them as odds are, the Ultra armor recorded everything Izuku said, saw and did so it would be super easy for the heroes to just release parts of it that show the students entering the city and not hurting anyone, the broadcast from the MLA, the response they got, Izuku checking the car, seeing the robot and realizing the MLA's plan.

At this point though, they might need to call in foreign aid as with most of their top ten either dead, out of commission or missing(Hawks might still be alive, Toga does need a supply of his blood and dead men can't make more of it) and with villains and violent extremists on the rise, they'll either need to call in the military, or fly in some high ranking foreign pros which will be a treat seeing how we know little about pros outside Japan, so you can go nuts with the OCs.

Though odds are, things will get worse, before they get better.
13h c66 Edgar3t
See, calling this chapter Blackest Night when a bunch of Heroes have just died made me think of DC's Blackest Night, the whole "The Dead shall Rise" bit especially. Please don't do that, things are bad enough without Zombie Heroes fighting on the Villain side
15h c66 D3lph0xL0v3r
keep up the A-MEI-ZING WORK!

15h c66 21Order of Alignment
Fuck. SHIT. From rock bottom to bedrock. The fool I was, thinking that this was over...

And All For One is free. All Might is dead... It might be time to consider moving to America.
15h c66 2Mallory S. Nocturne
...So Tartarus has fallen... And All for One is loose... Shit...

16 chapters left
16h c66 1PokeKing Charizard
No evil shall escape their sight
And let those who worship evil's might
Beware their power
Heroes of Light
1/17 c58 Guest
Decent chapter but I feel you really took out Rappa like a sucker, the guy was taking impressively powerful hits from Red Riot Unbreakable Kirishima and sending it right back.
1/15 c65 8MosesArk Reborn2000
You know, I genuinely chuckled when Aoyama shot Yotsubashi as he was monologuing. It's not only something we only tend to see in Marvel films but it also fits as even Syndrome in the first Incredibles movie makes a comment on how heroes can catch a villain while they monologue. It also showes that Re-Destro was either so confident that they'll listen to him or too arrogant to entertain the notion that they'll take the shot to try and kill the leader when he's foolishly put himself in the open, lke if that was been Snipe or Izuku, he'll be dead.

With the combat itself, I can get why you as the writer wouldn't focus too much on the gore and death as most of this was from Izuku POV and he would of course try and focus on other things, only taking in the bare minimum. How the group fought as a whole was beautiful as it not only shows just how screwed they were by walking into the trap, but how much they have been molded by this cruel world and how far their skills have come. I feel terrible for Iida, I really do as not only was he a fun character, but with his passing, the Iida family will have to put a son, and the name of Ingenium, to rest. When they took that hill as they were assaulting from all sides, I got CoD flashbacks, you know, 'Of their own Accord', especially that last part when they had been shot down and were now forced to fight for their very survival with little ammo against an seemingly unending horse of Russians.

Though I'm surprised that Momo didn't make a machine gun or something as then just one of them could keep a part of the hill relatively clear as only those with bullet resistant or bulletproof quirks could advance. Maybe it was because she wouldnt have been able to create the ammo for such as those things fire off hundreds of bullets in a single minute. Maybe Izuku should fit one to the Ultra mech, just in case.

With the other parts of the story, like how even with the assault group being made up of only those UA students who didn't wash out or get wounded or killed on the job, they took many causalities as 1-A lost Tenya while 1-B lost another student in the form of Shihai and Rin. The MLA on the other hand, really showed off their numbers if nothing else as they literally ran to the slaughter, I have no clue of the head count, but as they were thousands strong, and from how the former hero students were blasting through them,1-A and 1-B alone must be responsible for at least a hundred or three deaths and many more crippling injuries.

At the end there, where Izuku didn't have a one-liner, I doubt that even if he did, he would have used it as this isn't the hero work they grew up watching, grew up wanting to join. Such things wouldn't have fit with the setting, or his character. Someone like Bakugo maybe, but he's a changed man, yes man, you can't tell me they aren't adults at this point as they deal with more messed up shit on a daily basis then most have to deal with in a decade.

Bakugo as the team support? I like. Bakugo as a medic that actually tends to the wounded unless those in Battlefield? Even better. Though I can see him turning out like Tsunade with more attitude and less of a drinking and gambling problem.

Honestly, this story is one of the best for this fandom, I know that we're near the end of this ride, but could you make these last chapters extra memorable. Of and if you ever start another MHA story, I can already tell it'll be great.
1/15 c65 2Mallory S. Nocturne
Wait... It's over?... I was expecting two or three chapters of that... Still... Holy shit, was that anticlimactic...

In a good way, though...

17 chapters left...

Wait, I completely forgot about the League of Villains!
1/14 c65 21Order of Alignment
Oh my poor children.

And we've yet to hear from Mei and co. Re-Destro only mentioned handing over Izuku and Katsuki, not the Hatsume sisters. That bodes ill...

Anyways, congratulations, UA. A hard fought battle against Re-Destro and the MLA, but the well deserved victory goes to you. Sic Semper Tyrannis- Thus Always To Tyrants. And Izuku gave what Destro deserved.

And now... we stand vigil for the fallen.
1/14 c65 1PokeKing Charizard
And now... we mourn.
1/14 c65 1RickRich809
Thank god you did it, I didn't think you would, but you really went all out. You absolute madman, I respect your dedication to your work and adore this story you've crafted so far. I don't mean to be pandering, but frankly, I prefer this over the canon in a great many ways. You've gone ahead and done things that I feel most fanfic writers are either too inexperienced or too shy to approach. I could go on and on and list all the ways you've managed to pleasantly surprise me or impress me in general, but I think you get the gist of it.

For this chapter, I had fear. I had fear that you wouldn't pull the trigger like Horikoshi. That this would war break down into nothing more than a few characters swinging at each other and a few side characters dying. I'm still bitter over the end result of the actual MLA arc. Yet this satisfies my apparent bloodlust(lol I kid), you went ahead and made this war into a real war. In a war, you don't get to live just because you're on the "good" side, you don't get to dodge bullets just because people like you, you don't survive being impaled with ease. You did a great job showing this, and I feel like you should be proud.
Get fucked, Re-Destro.
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