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for Trials and Tribulations

10/2 c5 17KingdomHeartsNerd
Me like.
Quite a sad goodbye - I'd forgotten how much Jenny leaving broke me the first time around.
7/26 c4 21Bladewolf101
I love Danny Quin, he was the second best team Leader. I think he and Sofi will get along fine.
2/16 c4 17KingdomHeartsNerd
Aww, poor Sofi. She can finally open up and be a smol bean again!
2/9 c3 KingdomHeartsNerd
Oh noes.
1/19 c2 KingdomHeartsNerd
Oh, how gross.
Did you have to make me go “Ewwwww!” with that last section?
1/14 c1 agentoffanfic
Love it so far. I cant wait to see Becker and Sofi's relationship.
1/10 c1 KingdomHeartsNerd
Me likey. :D

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