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for History Has Its Eyes On You

1/12 c1 Jessie B
This a cute story I like it. And I can't wait to read the first chapter of my story on Tuesday.
1/12 c1 Fiona White
This is a good first chapter. Avatar The Last Airbender is the best show to ever be on Nickelodeon, and the fact that your mixed it with my favorite Musical Hamilton is great. So good job.
I have another episode idea for my fic so here is the idea...
(This first episode has the characters from Lin-Menaul Mirenda's first musical In The Heights it aside takes place 10 years after the events of the musical) Usnavi's son is a minority and Usnavi is worried about his son's safty so Alexander and Washington go to help Usnavi's soon and on top of that The king of share the bit too.
You can decide what powers Usnavi's soon can have.
So that's the episode. Bye.
1/10 c1 Amy Deems
This is a cool idea for a story, I will like to see where this goes. Keep up the good work.
Hey I would to remind you about the story requested for my birthday the Hamilton Hunger Games au. My birthday is on February 29th. And since you don't know much about the Hunger Games one of my comments in one of your stories gives some information about it but if you want more information the audiobooks of all three books are on YouTube, there is also clips of the 4 hunger games on YouTube, also go to this YouTube channel called MovieFlame go to the channel's playlist go to the Hunger Games playlist it will give information about the characters, the place it takes place in the country of Penam and he does reviews of the books. I hope this will help you for my birthday request.
1/10 c1 Hamilfan 321
I like this first chapter. A young Alexander, Angelica, and Eliza are cute. I do have a few questions though how did Alex get frozen in ice? Did he ran away like Aang did when he found out be was the Avatar? While that be revealed on a future chapter?
Oh, I think I have an idea for how those questions get answers. It's based on The last Airbender episode The storm. Team avatar go to a small vellage to get more supplies (food, water, ect.) but while there an old man sees Alexander's arrow mark and realizes and is the Avatar. He accuses Alex of abandoning the world and let the way happen. This causes Alex to hey upset and he runs away from the old man and his friends. Angelica yells at the old man for the things he said and Eliza goes after Alex. When she finds Alex and a cave. It is in the cave Alex tells his origin story. And how he found out he was the Avatar. And that be treated from other kids from the orphanage, and the pressures he got about being the avatar the ran away.
Anyway I like the story and can't wait to read your next story update.

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