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for Well Enough Alone

1/26/2020 c1 46RobertCop3
Wow. It’s out there indeed. I get the sense that King was trying to avoid Ryo even before what happened to her, and now we see why. Because Ryo’s stance on pre-marital sex seems to be the same as his dad’s: more than one is too many. You chose the wrong words last time, Sakazaki. What made you think this would be different?

Your extreme platonic take on them is interesting. Makes me wonder just what Ryo was trying to accomplish by going to see her. Did he think he could help her? Or did he just want to better understand because he’s a guy and guys have to know everything? Either one seems plausible. And he came at a bad time because by now, King is tired of talking about it, as she should be, and now she has to talk about it with a guy who thought she was sort of a slut even before her ordeal.

I almost felt some sympathy for him during the questioning until he said the wrong thing. And I can relate to stressful conversations making King nauseous. Can I ever.

1/14/2020 c1 135jojoDO
Alright. I'm putting my hands together here... I got my thinking cap on. How do I even tackle this? Okay... ANGRY KING IS ANGRY!

Look, I get the narrative that's trying to be spun here. Ryo is an old-fashioned idiot, he's "ignorant" he doesn't "understand" what King is going through. But the thing is... just because King is the protagonist, that doesn't make her right. And I've read enough of this King/Ryo dynamic throughout your stories to know that King is NOT right. She thinks Ryo sees her like this and that, and this triggers a preconceived notion in her head that she's automatically going to condemn him, no matter what he says or attempts to say. Most of the time, he doesn't even get a word in edgewise! The words he does get in, she finds a negative meaning in, and uses that against him more!

The guy is so self-conscious about what he has to say in front of King, he can't even relax! He knows she's going to twist it, make it mean this and that, and it's just going to piss her off more. But it's all in King's head. She doesn't know how Ryo feels, she just knows how SHE expects Ryo to feel. But she can't see any other way. She's so burnt out on booze and fatigue, she's allowing herself to see things this way, and nobody can convince her otherwise, and so what are we left with? She pushes Ryo away in this misguided, clouded sense of hostility. THE GUY IS TRYING HIS BEST. He's just as scared and confused as everyone else who has learned of this. As bad as it pisses King off, people can't help the way they feel. It's a natural response to a tragedy.

Whew... hallelujah. I don't know if King will ever look past the haze and realize that everyone's not out to get her. It's not her fault, as much as it is anyone else's except the scumbags who ruined her life like this. The girl is sick, she's traumatized, she has every right to think and feel the way she does. But I just hope she realizes... one day, she's got to have a sound enough judgement to know who she can trust. Ryo IS someone she can trust.

Welp, that's about it. Gah. I'm so wounded.
1/13/2020 c1 iwewia
I was actually so excited while reading this chapter, noticing things and making mental notes to write in my review so lemme see if I can do it.

The main thing with King and the reason why people assume she's angry all the time is because she values boundaries a LOT. I've mentioned this before in a past review, but this chapter truly shows it as clear as day.

King does not lie about her past, she simply does not want people digging through it because she knows they are going to make assumptions and make things bigger than they truly are. This is why Mary and her get along so well, because Mary is always there for the King in the present, rooted in reality and not the King she created in her mind.

Which brings me to why Ryo and King have this awkward situation and how well you wrote this chapter. I was watching a video on boundaries earlier today, I kid you not, and King teasing Ryo sadistically actually was a point that I learned about. It's soooo good because King is cunning, she sniffed it right out of Ryo, putting him in a place where it's do or die and HE sort of confessed what she already knew. Her instincts were right. She was not angry for nothing.

Another thing I loved was her expressing how talking about it with whoever discovered about the rape did not help. We saw this with Athena, we see this with Ryo, none of which are psychologists (psychic is another thing). It just refreshes the issue! It's kind of voyeuristic in a way. She's a tall, strong, intelligent woman who keeps feeling smaller and smaller when people do what? Cross her boundaries!

Truly loved this!
1/11/2020 c1 Brochan
Hi illyrilex, thanks for the good read. I think that probably the thing I like more of your fanfics is the fact that I never know how is going to end and this one is not an exception.

Damn, Ryo and King relationship is quite complicated here, I feel like this could end in either a positive note and a negative note but my bet is that its going to end very awkward (It even start awkward already haha).

In this story sometimes I love Ryo's good intentions and sometimes I want to punch him in the face for how dense and idiot he can be xD (Which helps for the drama and its nothing new)

I find curious that despite King hating how people take so much look in her situation it sems like she is overthinking Ryo's reactions too (even if some of her fears might be true).

I'm excited to read more of the story, thanks for your writing.
1/10/2020 c1 Akaikounoichi
I love all your fics about King's rape (how sad) but I don't understand a choice you did...to put apart Mai. Mary's carachter is always there instead Mai, one of most important King's anchor like Yuri, is rarely mentioned...just in few times we see her. I had like too see her more...
1/10/2020 c1 16The Writing Crow
I relate a lot with SNK's Ryu rip off here (except for declining sex with King in shorts), I've always embraced it though. King was acting kind of weird and her anger bursts were random, but I guess that's why they're called bursts.

Ryo, King, please fuck already
1/10/2020 c1 8Legend355
Damn, when you said that you put "Cec" King on terrible situations, you were not lying, but is that kind of situationts that can make a character more interesting, especially with her interactions with Ryo

But damn; can he be that idiot? Ok, your friend had a terrible past and bad things happened, what type of friend go and talk about that with the affected one? And specially the way that he handled it, he was totally out of touch, and while King didn't gave him too muchb opportunity to explain himself better, in her case it was understandable, she was totally drunk

Well, thungs that I have a little more clear of how you work your one shots, I will try to catch these up, see you soon!

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