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for Time Warp

9/22 c8 5TwinkieMain
More chapters please! This story looks really good :)
5/29 c8 Knight
This is amazing! I love the dynamic between the main three, and the attention to time travel continuity (ie the faster binary code or the name changes of the rebellion/resistance) that most people wouldn’t catch. You’ve done an incredible job here and I highly encourage continuing it. Honestly this is the one of if not the best mandalorian fic I’ve read.

May the force be with you

- Knight
3/1 c8 1jdude281
Not gonna lie, I have a pretty strong dislike for the Disney trilogy, so I was pretty reluctant to give this a try, but did mostly because of the connection too the Mandalorian. So far the story seems pretty decent. Hopefully you can keep it up.
2/18 c7 4PrincessStarberry
Oh wow-what a cool idea for a story! These three guys and their sidekicks are some of my favorite characters from all the SW...everything-so seeing them all together is so exciting!
2/6 c6 dragonboi1212
great book
1/14 c5 Aku
Not bad:)
1/11 c1 Daere
I like it :)

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