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for Elizabeth at Pemberley

8/9 c3 5Kartos
This is making me laugh so much.
8/8 c7 9Darklight-phoenix
Opps! Perhaps I was too impatient and wanted to see Jane with Bingley asap!
7/27 c8 liysyl
Great chapters I am looking forward to the weddings. Thanks for sharing your story.
7/26 c8 Another Lizzie
Glad you're back! I worry about authors I read who don't post for a while. It's been a harrowing couple of years. Hope you are in good health. Thanks
7/26 c8 Guest
Wonderful! Loved it…thanks for sharing.
7/26 c8 Guest
I love, love, love this fluffy story. All happiness, no drama. Just what the doctor ordered! I brightened my day, and I want more!
7/25 c8 3DW.618
I love your bold Lydia in the last chapter. And Charles has Good Reason to shudder...Mr. Bennet's teasing, if not scolding.
7/25 c8 9Darklight-phoenix
To my reviewers who guessed correctly as to Mr Bingley’s shuddering, well done!

There is definitely more to come for our second favourite pair of lovebirds!
7/25 c8 Chuck Kimball
Very good so far
7/25 c8 roses0002
So lovely! Thank you for the wonderful update!
7/25 c8 flight9
very interesting!
7/25 c8 Jansfamily4
I hope Papa gives Bingley a good reason to shudder. Or is it the showdown with his interfering sister that makes him shudder? Good, whatever it is, he deserves it!
7/25 c8 Leleia
Good chapter.
7/25 c8 Lisa
I wonder if Mr. Bennet will take Bingley to account for unofficially courting Jane then taking off and leaving her without a word, leaving her devastated as well as the subject of gossip. If I were him, I would be concerned with Bingley’s constancy. Since Jane has already accepted Bingley’s offer of marriage and she’s past her 21st birthday, she doesn’t need her father’s permission to marry, however.

Bingley is blaming Caroline, but he is the one who has been permitting her to run his life for him. He needs to either send her away to relatives, set her up in her own establishment with a companion like a spinster, or arrange a marriage for her to someone who needs her dowry. Maybe there is another option that I don’t see but expecting her to live with him and Jane after what she has done to demonstrate her utter contempt for Jane would be a mistake.
7/25 c8 LoveInTheBattleField
Jane is so DESPERATE!
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