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for Elizabeth at Pemberley

9/16 c10 Jansfamily4
He's so sweet. So much in love. I guess he didn't realize how inappropriate it is for him to escort her to her room. ;-)
Thank you for the update.
9/12 c10 1nanciellen
What a fantastic chapter. So very nice and happy.
Thank you.
9/10 c10 ChrisM0519
If Caroline had still been at Pemberley, she would truly have been jealous. Not only because Elizabeth and Gardiners were asked to stay, but Elizabeth given the great honor of being placed in the most important guest suite.
9/10 c10 Levenez
Thank you very much for the new chapter. Well done on Darcy. Clever stratagem! May I suggest to repost the chapters in the right order? It would be clearer in the long term for the future readers.
9/10 c5 Guest
was it not improper for a bachelor (Wickham) to write to a young girl (Lydia) when there was no connection between them ?
8/5 c9 Levenez
Thank you very much for the latest chapter.!8 can only hope you will further update your story. I am wondering where Elisabeth is during that dinner. Is she already on her way back home? It seems no as Darcy still wants to have time to court her… it was well in any case that she missed that dinner!
8/5 c5 Levenez
Quite the matchmakers!
8/5 c3 Levenez
I like this plotting staff! If they were ever to apply the same strategy to Miss Bingley, she would end up in a room by the stable without realising!
8/5 c2 Levenez
I have just come across your story and I am enjoying it! Slight difference to canonwhere did Darcy hurry to? What a lovely confident Georgianna?I cannot wait to read what’s to come!
4/23 c9 ChasingAfterADream
Serves her right!

I've been following this story for a while and I love it! Please more D and E interactions.
1/19 c9 Mh
Yay Darcy
1/12 c9 maggieci
Love me some Miss Bingley hate, lol. Thanks for the update!
1/12 c9 Jansfamily4
AWESOME! YAY for Darcy. He finally stood up for his future wife. FINALLY!
1/8 c9 Guest
Yeaaaah! I’m glad you’re back)) Good chapter. I hope you gonna post a new ones more regularly. I really LOVE stories where Darcy meets Elizabeth at Pemberley
1/6 c9 10Darklight-phoenix
To my lovely guest reviewers, thanks so much for the feedback, i couldn’t resist writing a scene where Darcy kicked Caroline out of Pemberley that I forgot to include important filler scenes between this chapter and the last. This has now been updated. Keep the critiques and feedback coming. Thanks for sticking by this story, and keep an eye out for future chapters!
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