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7/5 c1 4SindarDragonRider
Ok I know this is nearly half a year old but I discovered Tanz der Vampire a few weeks ago and I am highkey in love with it at the moment so here I am haha

This is my favourite TdV fic ever! The way you captured Krolock and Alfred's characters was perfect! Krolock was just as mysterious and intriguing as in the musical, and I especially loved the way he spoke and how you described his expressions :D (did you have a specific version of Krolock in mind when writing him or were you kind of mixing different versions together?) And Alfred's thoughts were so well written and fitted his character very accurately. Also, can I just say... your writing style is so nice? It kind of felt like it fitted the time period it's set in (not in, like, a ye olde writing way, more in the descriptiveness and the slightly more formal/old-sounding words and phrases that you used for Alfred's thoughts... sorry idk if that makes sense haha) and it was one of the nicest and most satisfying writing styles I've read in quite a while :) The plot was really well put together (I really enjoyed Alfred and Krolock's visits to the theatre and cinema, and their discussions!) and I liked the way you slowly explained what happened after Sarah and Alfred became vampires throughout the story.

Anyway, I really loved this fic and it was the most real and well-characterised TdV fic I've read yet! Thank you so much for writing this! :D
1/13 c1 12ghostwritten2
This was delightful, if one can use that word to describe a story about vampires! I really enjoyed it. Both Krolock and Alfred were perfectly in character, and I love that you gave everyone a happy ending...even Professor Abronsius and , who found companionship with each other.

I especially liked that you had Alfred and Krolock go to Nosferatu, as I love that film. Despite its inaccuracies about Tanz-stle vampires. ;)
1/11 c1 32The Moonlily
That was fun! I'm glad you shared this story. :) Your Alfred is really very adorable, and Krolock is just as enigmatic as he ought to be. Also, even if we didn't actually meet Sarah, I think Alfred's reflections on her are pretty much how I'd imagine her as a vampire.

I liked very much the bit with them going to the opera together. That's exactly the sort of thing one would imagine Alfred and Krolock doing together. I've been wanting to write something similar. And the choice for the opera was, I think, quite perfect!

It was also a fun idea for them to go see "Nosferatu" together, just brilliant. It was great when Krolock asked Alfred if he's like Count Orlok. :D

Altogether it was nicely executed, and I think it's a very good presentation of Alfred and Krolock might meet again after the events of the musical.

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