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for Dream Potter? Wait, WHAT!

3/11 c11 Libra Chaos
It’ll be sad to see you go, but I understand that frustration. I wish you all the best elsewhere!
1/10 c1 Guest
No I love your story so much
1/10 c1 Supernatural anime beth
Hi I love your story so much and please don’t give up yet
1/8 c11 2Fangthehedgewolf
I'm sorry to hear that people ate being assholes on here. But I'm glad that you aren't going to stop writing altogether. I'm not sure about Wattpad, but AO3 has a good community where you can write at your own pace. I hope you can beat your writer's block soon! This story is amazing and I can't wait to read more of it.
1/5 c11 Guest
I really like your stories, but I understand, hope you continue writing stories, good luck.
1/6 c11 4SilentNight479er
I am sorry for all the hate people have given you. From personal experience, I know how it can make writing unenjoyable. This, personally, was a strange idea, but it was strange enough that it made me want to read it and I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. I'm excited to see what you do in the future. And I also hope that your writers block clears up soon, unlike mine that has been about 11 to 12 months running. Have a great day.
1/5 c11 kitty-ing
okay. I really liked many of your stories. I can sympathize.
I didn't see any stupid guest reviews on this story, am I just stupid?
1/5 c11 5kyo anime
I am sorry people here have caused you so much stress. Please do consider posting on ao3. On ao3 you should be able to lock your work so only people with an account and logged in will be able to read and review.

Hope to continue to read your stories but I fully understand if you stop posting or take a long break from it. Sorry so many toxic people found your story.
Writing block does suck. Its been awhile since I have updated my stories too even though I have new chapters for them since I go back and forth if that is the direction I want the story to take. Take your time and find enjoyment in writing again.
1/5 c11 lunarsun2
I'm so sorry for any cruelty you've recieved on this platform! I really enjoyed reading your story, and I'll see you on ao3! 3
1/5 c11 coe mcgraph
I don’t blame you. I’m sorry for the assholes who have been bugging you.
1/5 c11 1PyruxDeltax
Sorry that you had to deal with hate reviews.
1/5 c11 bombbastik
Same as the last: Damn. Well, i’ll see you at ao3 (I dislike wattpad’s searching mechanics). Hope to see more of your work there soon!
9/16/2020 c10 Hollydoor
Hay it's alright take yer time. Do what ya gotta do
9/16/2020 c10 Jostanos
*nods* Understood, Dusk, and this response is also in response to the other hiatus notices in your other fantastic stories.

Thank you for notifying us about this hiatus, and please focus on what matters most right now: Your education. :)

Please continue when you may, and please do not rush! We may not always be patient, but we will attempt to be. Well.. _I_ will be patient anyway. :)

*ahem* Dusk, should you ever require a sounding board for ideas, or you'd just like to chat.. I am available over PM. :)

That offer goes to you aspiring writers as well. I may write reviews and omake, but I am here to support you all. :)
9/16/2020 c10 38Solaire38
Take all the time you need to deal with real life, it comes before anything else. I eagerly await your return and hope that you stay safe you there. Keep up the good work!
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