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1/2 c9 DanielSilverjay
This is so so so so good.
I enjoy very much reading all the possible connotations and consequences for Tanya's transformation, as well as the arguments of each character according to their interests and motivations (while taking in mind their alignment). But that doesn't even get close to the aspects of the theory of 'magical modifications' - as I do call them, whenever you introduce a modification into the original magical laws, and how you consider the characters would explore them... that itself is one of the wonders I love in regards to worldbuilding.
Also, even though this is not related to the chapters, would you happen to be by any chance at Discord, be it at Overlord's server or at TheWriter'sFactory.

Best regards,
1/2 c6 DanielSilverjay
Someone added a great reference that I recognized!
Thank you so much for adding her into this Xover 3
I hope you continue on writing this great story, nullmana :3

My best regards to another fellow writer,
12/14/2020 c6 Akuma-Heika
No idea who the girl is. Searching Ruler of Wisdom brought up Solomon lol. Searching Isekai Ruler of Wisdom brought up Restaurant from Another World lmao
12/10/2020 c18 TheChaosOfInsanity
How difficult is it to write the Guardians excessive diggin g into Alan's motives? The mental gymnastics to take something simple and make it denigrate level without seeming like random nonsense seems impressive
12/10/2020 c18 Trixedog101
Gamer moment
12/9/2020 c1 Zen Quarta
loved every single chapter of this fic. i didn't expect this level of enjoyment out of it, definetly made quarantine less boring.
this is one of those fics that feels like canon and i love the backstory behind elf king. recently finised watching isekai quartet and was carving story like this to the point i finished the entirr fic in like 3 days. love it keep it up man. and a small request if u can more zesshi would be nice. personally i want to zesshi and elf twins interaction would be nice.
p.s. english is not my first language so there may be grammertical error
12/5/2020 c18 Dan05
Great way to start a new volume. I really liked those volume 14 references you put in there- I believe that there were two of them?

Really excited to see what awaits them on the other side of the great desert, and what Albedo and Demiurge will do in Ainz’s absence.

Stay safe and I will see you in the next one!
12/4/2020 c18 RedMarkTOxAL
I don't like tanya's behavior . don't you think she is revealing a bit too much.. ? what would happen if tanya betrays Nazarick..? i actually hope blue rose gets killed off.
12/1/2020 c18 2John Seps T-Ard
"to the point where her own companions would have no choice but to forcibly kidnap her out of harm's way."

Ayy, I see what you did there. That's one good Vol.14 reference
"the three impostor adventurers vanished as well"

There are THREE of them now? So black, white, and red are the impostor.
12/1/2020 c18 Mernom
Tanya doesn't waste any time flexing against religion, or misunderstanding how difficult her achievements are to the average person, even with an incredibly impressive group of individuals to start with.
And yet again, Ainz repeats the mistake of leaving his guardians unsupervised.
11/27/2020 c17 Gamer
So uhh is this fic dead
11/21/2020 c6 EXpertUS
Wait. D and Shiraori? The f**k!?
This is awesome
11/13/2020 c17 pedrinarellanox
Juegoles I think the same . Demiurge is not affected by time spells.
If Ainz gave Hamsuke an object to protect him from the time spells, Cz Delta has them too as she is more important than a hamster.
nullmana I love this fanfiction .Thank you for writing it.
11/7/2020 c10 RyuujiVantek
Is tanya gonna betray ainz and nazarick after all?
11/5/2020 c17 Dan05
Nice prologue, looking for to see what PDL and Tanya will do in order to achieve their goals.
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