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7/29 c6 coffeenjoyer
bruh d no shot
7/29 c4 coffeenjoyer
DAM, what a chapter!
7/29 c1 coffeenjoyer
very nice ffic how did this go under my radar!
5/8 c17 danj0929
man if tanya keeps this up they just may come to see her as a being above them just like Ainz after all even he is subject to the laws of magic her on the other hand nope fuck the rules
4/17 c21 Guest
You made my day to know that this story is still alive. the truth is that this is the best crosover fanfic between youjo senki and Overlord. So please, even if it's a few times a year, don't abandon it. I would love to read the moment when Tanya finally stands up to the Nazarick fools
4/18 c21 TeamT
Oh my god it’s happening, it’s finally happening, a new chapter!

I love your work and am extremely happy to see you continue this gem of a story, can’t wait for the next chapter. :D
4/17 c21 Endragora
After all this time...
4/17 c21 ShimadaSeps
So, I'm guessing Cure Elim is on the next hit list, then? Cool, so very unable to can wait for the next chapter, man.
4/17 c21 MarkoncioX
It's been a while since the last chapter, good to know that this story is still alive and has an end in sight, anyways, good chapter and see you in the next one.
4/17 c21 Amon34
nice to see you again
3/29 c20 Mafioso MONKE
One of the best fan fictions of overlord I’ve seen hyped for the next chapter
3/5 c1 Siegrain09
is there a prequel to this, I don't really understand the first chapter
10/17/2022 c20 Maheshvara10
Awesome story. I hope that you update this masterpiece someday.
7/13/2022 c20 2binyhun
Incredibly well written, congrats! Hope to see it finished, but what you have is already very enjoyable. Thanks for your effort.
1/19/2022 c7 TheRightPrice
So Ainz basically single handedly kills Being X and it's Tanya who gets rewarded with a massive power boost and limit breaking potential? Tanya, who might as well have sat out the whole fight for how little she was able to contribute? Really? Ainz gets nothing at all out of it? Lame.
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