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for Can a Demon be a Father?

4/28/2020 c21 Jolena
Hey love great chapter. Thanks for the shoutout. I hope you post soon !
4/23/2020 c20 Jolena
OMG cant wait to read the next chapter. I wish you would do it today, I'm literally so excited to read about what happens. Thank you!
3/7/2020 c12 xXXQueenOfBlackXXx
OMG this is so good! *O*
2/20/2020 c10 Guest
1/16/2020 c3 5Gilly.Flowers
The fact Sweeney immediately assumed the baby was his... he is baby...

Your writing is so interesting! But there could be more descriptions! I really liked the line about Sweeney’s tears welling, and how he didn’t shed them! Very poignant! Keep writing, love! I’m excited to see where this goes. :)

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