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6/3 c1 richdsils
6/3 c1 Qhristhian
Me gusta
6/1 c1 1blcoachmac
Oh you should have added much more!
5/23 c1 a fan of this
I feel sad because we will never know if Ron got Sirius caught in the end or if he is innocent.
5/22 c1 GoldQuartz
The house of Potter or Black not owing debts to other houses is a bit unrealistic, but the House of Black is apparently very influential
5/8 c1 Bronze
So much for Magical Britain! The entire Wizengamot just sank it out of sight. There's no chance of the Potter or Black monies nor anything else ever returning. At least in Harry's lifetime. Though his exile might not affect his children it's extremely unlikely that they will return either as they'll be raised in another country. Not to mention Harry'll be leaving but some of his gold will remain till those debts that need to be paid back have been settled. Following that then all that gold will also leave the country. This will even affect Vulturewurst attempt to take over Britain as it takes money to run and fight a war. And money is one of the things that's gonna be in very short supply for the foreseeable future. Anyhoo, I can see this outcome for Harry's trial. Fudge has been bought and paid for very likely since he first entered office. And as the Dark members wanted him gone it's entirely likely that Malfoy paid to get it done. So now it's time to say " See Ya! Never gonna be Ya! Have fun with poor old Tommy-boy! and remember, It ain't my problem anymore! " Thanks for the short story but it was extremely good reading.
4/23 c1 DaveC
Well done , brilliant.
1/25 c1 Powerline
That was a damn fine piece to read! As I have to confess - I would have loved to see the next day in magical Britain.
1/21 c1 embracethebright
well done. It doesn't even need to be longer.
1/5 c1 Mauricio Cuellar
Es bueno autorizaciĆ³n pronto
12/7/2023 c1 Celticowl
12/4/2023 c1 Anon
Nicely done!
11/14/2023 c1 Hotdog2000
That's it? Where did Harry go did he get a new wand did he go to a new school will he continue being a wizard in another country or be a muggle what happened to Voldemort will he unalive harry or will Neville be forced to take up the prophecy

This is a very good start can we get more please
11/7/2023 c1 solarisbond
there all doom except Madam Bones, Arthur Weasley, Augusta Longbottom, and Andromeda Tonks. I wish you made a part two of the other people's reactions when Rita Skeeter made the daily prophet though.
10/8/2023 c1 Cassandra30
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