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for Kirby And The Dark Painter

1/18 c7 6GlowingGem
And that wraps up The dark painter! There's a certain darkness to Kirby's orgins that is best kept secret until the time is right... Good work here!
1/17 c7 14FireFlamerx9z
Based on what Magolor and Kyrin, I'm guessing Star Allies hasn't happened yet.
1/17 c7 1merendinoemiliano
Sweet yet heroic chapter, can't wait for more.
1/17 c7 Owyn Ross
Okay, next up is "Donkey Kong: Dino-Trouble". Either the week after next week, or next month.

Also, Kyrin's fears of Kirby finding out the truth Void Termina would be realized in Season 7. And Kirby might be a descendant of Void Termina as well, hence the term "Void Spawn" he's been referred to by Paintia.
1/16 c6 merendinoemiliano
Quite nice chapter
1/16 c6 6GlowingGem
It's official... I hate paintia. Kirby and the others need to take her down ASAP! Btw, I think you got Adeleine and Ribbon down to the T! Oh! And speaking of them! Ribbon, looks like it's time to bring out the crystal shard gun!
1/16 c6 Owyn Ross
My guess is that Susie and the Robobot Armor will arrive at Popstar in the nick of time at the last chapter as backup in case if Magolor and Gooey weren't enough.
1/15 c5 Owyn Ross
Guess that means Susie will have to come in to back them up in case if Magolor, Gooey, and Poochy aren't enough.
1/15 c5 1merendinoemiliano
Can't wait for more.
1/15 c4 merendinoemiliano
Nice, your writing style is getting better overall
1/14 c4 6GlowingGem
Double oh no... Now that it's clear that the second and third pieces have been found, Adeleine is in real trouble, and paintia has already been informed of her location. Well, things are gonna go down on Ripple Star. That's for sure!
1/14 c4 102Phantom Fan 21
Wait until she meets Kirby. From the way Kyrin act went the Void Spawn is mention it mush be very dangerous. And since Kirby is (possible) relate to Kimberly, then he a Void Spawn too. Why do think you basing that off the finally boss of Kirby Star Allies?
1/14 c4 Owyn Ross
Man, so the paintbrush Adeleine is using is a piece of the Brush of Dreams? Aw crap, Adeleine's in danger. And Kirby is about to make things worse by unintentionally bringing the piece he found in Morpho Knight's grave to Paintia.
1/13 c3 Owyn Ross
Another unexpected twist. I would not have predicted this.
Tabuu made a deal with Paintia in the past by stealing the Brush of Dreams from Halcandra for her.
1/13 c3 6GlowingGem
Oh no... I swear if you guys hurt Adeleine I will be so mad!

Dang, quite a back story Kimberly has there. And there's parts of it that are still shrouded in mystery! I like that!
Also, Kirby getting owned by a butterfly was pretty funny.
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