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6/3 c21 xxelvicioso
ohhh great, i love you history, please update
5/31 c21 chronicler2112
Curious to see how you interpret Mattias going forward, seeing as how he’s stayed with Ophilia and H’aanit since they left Flamesgrace.
5/30 c20 xxelvicioso
finally the whole team together
5/5 c20 Syran
Yay! A new chapter! And soon all the characters will be reunited. This story is great :D
4/24 c19 xxelvicioso
omg soon everyone will meet
4/2 c19 nickoo.cp
a doubt there will be a ship in this story?
3/2 c18 xxelvicioso
me gusta como el mundo parece simple a primeta vista pero luego te das cuenta que es mas oscuro y profundo de lo que parece
2/13 c17 Syran
Another great chapter! I love how you describe the characters and the battle scenes. Please keep writing! :)
2/14 c17 xxelvicioso
I love it, you delve into the characters, excellent work, best fic of octopath
1/23 c16 xxelvicioso
I like that you give depth to the characters, it is appreciated, continue
12/8/2020 c15 xxelvicioso
:) finally you present all cast, please continue
11/5/2020 c14 xxelvicioso
Please continúe this fic it's amazing, congratulations
11/2/2020 c14 Syran
Great chapter! I really like this story, please keep writing!
10/31/2020 c14 CyberCobra743
I have played through Octopath and 100% the game, yet reading this story really lets me say I KNOW these character. The game sets up their personalities sure and does a good job telling their stories, but reading pieces like this really lets me become emotionally invested in the trials and hardships they no doubt had to face in the long months on the road. A jouney is not without its low dark valleys, but those lows are what let you truly see how high the shining peaks are.

I can't wait for more.
10/7/2020 c13 xxelvicioso
this is the better history of octopath, characters serious and mature please continúe
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