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11/5/2020 c14 xxelvicioso
Please continúe this fic it's amazing, congratulations
11/2/2020 c14 Syran
Great chapter! I really like this story, please keep writing!
10/31/2020 c14 CyberCobra743
I have played through Octopath and 100% the game, yet reading this story really lets me say I KNOW these character. The game sets up their personalities sure and does a good job telling their stories, but reading pieces like this really lets me become emotionally invested in the trials and hardships they no doubt had to face in the long months on the road. A jouney is not without its low dark valleys, but those lows are what let you truly see how high the shining peaks are.

I can't wait for more.
10/7/2020 c13 xxelvicioso
this is the better history of octopath, characters serious and mature please continúe
9/8/2020 c12 xxelvicioso
the best fic of octopath ttaveler
8/29/2020 c12 nickoo.cp
In the future, Therion will go bald
8/1/2020 c11 xxelvicioso
Esta es sin dudas de las mejores historias de octopath traveler todo se va descubriendo poco a poco y te tomas tu tiempo para narrar la historia, me encanta sigue así :)
6/28/2020 c10 xxelvicioso
Pronto aparecerá olberich, estoy impaciente
6/28/2020 c9 xxelvicioso
Nice history, congratulations
5/27/2020 c8 xxelvicioso
Esta historia se pone cada vez mejor, sigue así :) pd: ahora la revisión es en español
5/14/2020 c1 Crow2112
Wow, this has been so much fun to read so far. There are a lot of dark themes in the game that are touched upon here and there, but to see a fanfic go into such depth about the effect of those things on the characters is so interesting!
You’re nailing the character development of Primrose and Therion. Love the seeing the positive effect Alfyn’s personality has had on them. Looking forward to see how you continue your adaptation!
5/1/2020 c8 Syran
This is a great story, I cant wait for the next chapter!
4/29/2020 c8 nickoo.cp
I love the interaction of the characters
4/3/2020 c7 xxelvicioso
it's so wonderful, this world is more dark but still natural,
well personified characters, It is incredible that you form friendship between the characters too, a question ... will there be love relationships too?, sorry about my inglish e.e
3/31/2020 c7 Anon
You're awesome, this story is awesome, and I hope your life goes awesome. I can't wait for chapter 8!
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