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for His Body is Made of Swords

4/23 c20 2TheSlySage
great chapter. love Luvia's intro!
4/23 c20 1Crusada de Lata
Amazing chapter, I love the idea of Raiga just taking Emiya for Sumo Wrestling and Luvia's introduction was one of the most amusing things I've read recently. Have a good one! Can't wait for more
4/23 c19 Bashleyz
4/23 c20 1NNathann
Great chapter, I was waiting for this amazingness! Luvia and Shirou playing as a couple was fun, especially Shirou/EMIYA being vindictive! Looking forward to more!
4/23 c20 1Assassin's Qtip
Yes, another chapter to one of my favorite fanfics!
With the menagerie of characters already present, I was not expecting Luvia to make a presence. However, her bonding with Raiga over sumo was quite hilarious, and I cannot wait until she properly meets the rest of the gang.
On another note, I do want to see what would happen if Taiga does recognize Waver, though I would imagine that would be a bittersweet moment, now that Rider is no longer there.
In the meantime, I hope your work and hobbies remain in good balance!
4/23 c20 Warlord2303
Yay, finally a update
4/23 c20 JumpingToaster
I swear one of these days an Emiya Shirou's luck is going to manifest his luck into Murphy's law.
4/23 c20 Raging Drake
Luvia huh,did not see her coming onto the picture so soon
4/23 c20 luiggiborjas0
thanks for the chapter
4/23 c20 2A Sleeping Moon
The more I read, the more I am getting confused what the hell is going on. . . especially when I got lucky enough this time to had re-read my stash of source materials and read some novels. . .

Anyways. . .

Some part of me could help but find her features familiar, though the feeling of familiarity wasn't pronounced enough for me to dwell on it for too long. She probably fit any shut-in's mental image of a foreigner: voluminous blond hair, princess-like blue dress and all. Honestly, it wasn't at all that fitting a profile for someone trying to remain inconspicuous.

I recognize that dressing code anywhere. And her apparent stalking them like a hyena. . .

"O-ohoho! Indeed I am!" the woman claimed awkwardly in what was surprisingly passable Japanese.

That laugh!

"Lu-ahem. My name is Luviagelita Edelfelt."

Fucking knew it! Lady Forklift is in the stage! And she got attracted to sumo as expected! What the hell is she doing in the Far East!? Is she here to assist the Noble Faction? Another different agenda? Or going to track her tutor who run away to Japan! Waver! I'm getting worried if Flat and everyone would crash the party just for shit and giggles!

Also they managed to survive in proximity at the incomprehensible being(Taiga) huh as the first encounter, now I wonder on the future interactions!

Oh and TYPOs Xolef225

"Anyway," she continued, then narrowed her eyes at Lord El-Melloi(add the 'II' here). The man seemed pretty capable of keeping his cool, but my heart was hammering in my chest. "Do I know you from somewhere? You seem awfully familiar."

"It can't be helped," El-Melloi(add the 'II' here) said with closed eyes. "That woman isn't involved with the Mage's Association, right? If it's only this much that we have to deal with, then it's fine."

El-Melloi(add the 'II' here) spoke again. I paused with one foot already out the door.

There was a powerful dead apostle(Dead Apostle) nearby, and the closer that it got to Fuyuki, the sooner that Lorelei would try to get herself killed by throwing herself at it. If that wasn't enough, there was also the matter of the Fraga family to consider. If El-Melloi(add the 'II' here) could figure out where Barthomeloi was going so easily, then there was a non-zero chance that someone would be sent after her while she was here.

"…Mm. Sorry. Feel free to tell Tohsaka and El-Melloi(add the 'II' here) that they can head on home. I'm not getting out of this one."

her that I couldn't help but want to get to know her better.'


better.'(replace ' into this)"
4/23 c20 victorsan12345
He just need to blame Luvia. Obviously, the magus assassin is at fault for his delay.
4/23 c20 lazyguy90
Luvia is doomed, and it's going to be hilarious.
4/23 c20 GamingFox666
Hmm? Why is Luvia here? Well, regardless, I quite enjoyed the yarn Emiya spun. Mainly for her reactions.
4/22 c19 ImNotAWeeb64101
Just binged this fic and loved every chapter. Can’t wait till next time!
4/21 c15 narutodarkfan
Dude. You put the classic high jump scene in their. Please tell me that Kirei, zouken, and Gil also watched it.
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