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for His Body is Made of Swords

10/13 c12 Freedmoon
Hahaha reading this fic again i cant help but laugh at Archer/Shirou who since he is no longer a true heroic Spirit but a Heroic spirit in the body of a living human child overestimate his capacity, which is understandable since for the past unspecified but very much thousands of years at least years he was a spirit and thus got used to fight as one.
10/13 c3 Bachi the cat
i think i read this before? but when i reinstall fanfiction, some stories don't pass over.
plus if this is going where i think it's going then i did and i need to reread it anyway.
10/12 c22 18Wolf Strife
Another brilliant chapter
10/12 c22 grant.walker581
10/12 c22 2SpicyArbiter
Ayy update! Nice chapter
10/12 c22 Dasgun
10/12 c22 javi30
Very good chapter keep writing blessings to you and your loved ones
10/12 c22 HorribleT-TWriter
The confidence on that vamp creeps me out and its because he knows more than he lets on and he knows it. Yikes.
10/12 c22 vinayakdj1
Stupid story...stupid u...who gives 2 shits about a dead apostle...none of the gods did...goetia didn't...the alien god didn't...Velbar didn't...why should the guy who has existed longer than this whole misbegotten vampiric race?
10/12 c22 Guest
Hehehe is a good story, and I only have one wish. I hope Tomato Rin will summon Teddy Chulainn when they get to Grail War :)
10/12 c22 Im a guest
Going through reviews. Man its funny to see how people think pre counter guardian shirou or you know shirou could fight against the dead apostle ancestors and just win cause Noble Phantasm go pew. Shirou kinda has shit stats and basically no prana. Got remember he only UBW with Rin’s help. So he’s going to get his ass clapped normally.
10/11 c22 Uday Sra
10/11 c22 Tenyo-dono
I love the development and how much Lorelei cares lol, but the ending is the best partI can't wait to see what Emiya comes up with to deal with this situation!
10/11 c22 7StoryReiter
ah, Shirou still blind to your worth to these girls after so long. I guess countless years and slaughter of guilt and self depreciation can do that to you. Hope he comes out victorious all of them. Gae Bolg interrupt maybe? Honestly they need to go big. Touko and SHIKI needs to help them. here's to hoping as well as to Shirou manages to get the cluster of problms that is Gray's Anatomy. Truly he's Shirou not just EMIYA now. He has better luck surpassing his ideal. for the update and for a favourable conclusion. Wait and hope.
10/11 c22 Cloudy09
“He’s my-“

God damn it bro! Why do you keep teasing with LoreleixShirou and not giving me the goods? I’m starving here bro. Kek

Anyways nice chapter as always dude! Thanks for the hard work.
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