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for His Body is Made of Swords

10/11 c22 JonnyBoboThe1st
Oh, could our vampire be more interested in Shirou than Barthomeloi? I look forward to seeing where this goes.
10/11 c22 Shahzeb
honestly this story had a good premise and writing but its become way too boring. you took out both the eroge and gal game parts and all or nothing combat parts and turned them into bland no stakes scene where Emiya is just there.
i feel like he is not doing anything seriously just standing around watching clouds while other characters interact and fight for some mundane reason the readers barely care about. now he's become a damsel in distress seriously smh. anyways thats just my opinion not a flame its your fanfic in the end. anyways thanks for the read till now
10/11 c22 narutodarkfan
needs more swords. shirou's bankai for UBW when. the vampire should be shown his place. waiting for the next chapter before i become an adult next year.
9/23 c21 Wicked.A
Very nice so far
9/23 c14 Wicked.A
Wow awesome story so far and I genuinely expected kiritsugu to survive or at least shirou to pull out avalon or something... Still very awesome story so far
9/17 c1 moose master5543
i kinda hope you keep this story going and man i thought emiya would’ve used the sword on that apostle in the end tbh
9/14 c6 Please read me
A couple things you got to know about the Fate stay and night universe the Magi have to self hypnotized themselves in order to get the little bit of subconscious that acts as a limiter to say okay but on top of that there's a naturally occurring boundary field that covers the whole entire planet and the whole entire solar system that literally makes it that a level 200 spell can only come out as a level 0.05 spell it takes that much energy equivalent to that level spell to do something that's a half of a level of the first this force is called Alia and Gaia and there's a third one basically Gaia eventually develops split personality due to humanity being so numerous and populus that their collective unconsciousness infected Gaia thus making Gaia gain a multiple personality disorder one wants to keep humanity in a balance cuz that's all it can do Gaia herself wants to wipe out humanity no matter what and the last one wants to cull humanity there's no greater for us that's on humanities side therefore evil people tend to be the victorious on the Fate stay night universe the clock tower the premier Magi institution/school/rnd/magical lab / torture chamber imagine the most maddest most psychopathic sociopathic mad scientist ever and then giving him a goal as his obsession to reach the library/codex of existence basically the source of all knowledge past future and the beginning every possibility everywhen and everywhere so he can gain ultimate knowledge and be able to slip past the guards at the gate and free wizard kind I think but I think it's more like obsessive magic knowledge hoarding compulsion also Mr emera does not have a decent schooling when it comes to his magical style he literally misunderstood the opening paths to be create paths instead of opening his magic circuits he literally made nerve circuits. And the thing that infecting the grill is the mistletopian God of evil. The only God that seems to have survived the fall of the golden age of gods something something theories and stuff that some magiz or something interfered with Gaia's natural bound to field to add something on that would degrade the gods by depriving them of faith and Glory that they feed on and cut the tethers they had to Gaia.
9/8 c21 Cloudy09
Man! I keep coming back to this story because it’s so damn good dude. Can’t wait for the next update. Hopefully:p

Also I’m loving the LoreleixShirou insinuations. It’s such an underused ship it’s a shame so few stories with it exists.

Anyways cheers and thanks for the hard work mate!
9/1 c21 Kroz Phantomville
This doesn’t even feel like Archer anymore. He accomplished as much as pre-grail war Shirou would have. Thoroughly underwhelming.
8/30 c21 2TheSlySage
damnnnnn excited for the next update
8/9 c21 ThyDevoutBeliever
Man was utterly outmatched. I have never seen Shirou take an L so hard in a while lmao
8/9 c21 YunanObserves
Dude, came from space battles, your drawing of Ortenrosse fighting against Lorelei is the shit! Like wow, he looks like someone that would fit right in Castlevania. Your art style improved to all corners of hell and I loved it. The sheer surprised and fear shown in Lorelei's face is priceless.
8/9 c21 yomunot
Ohohoho shit, this situation is no bueno
8/8 c10 2elkenn
didn't regret re-reading this in SB since there are illustrations there.
You did a good job drawing lorelei there.
8/8 c1 Spirito1987
to T-B-R: Noble Phantasms wielded by humans can't hurt Dead Apostles.
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