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for His Body is Made of Swords

8/8 c21 T-B-R
tried and true gae bolg would have been nice...and save everyone
8/8 c21 1Iceecold06
Lorelei is way stronger than this, otherwise she wouldn’t still be alive after running all over the world after apostles and ancestors, the other ancestors would have ambushed her already id it were that easy. She has the almighty.
8/8 c21 11Mukuro234
8/8 c1 h.hadi.j
People seems to be forgeting the part where counter guardians are power boosted by the full might of alaya, so yes counter guardian emiya can beat any dead apostle because of that boost, but this is no linger counter guardian emiya this is just sherou with the counter guardians memories.
8/8 c21 Tenyo-dono
I love this story so much. Thanks for the great update! I'm looking forward to the next chapter with bated breath
8/8 c16 strikerstriker315
I'm surprised this hasn't shown relationship growth with ether sakura or illya I was hoping this be a harem
8/8 c21
To vinayakdj1
Ortenrose is a DAA from the Age of is thousands of years old ,Older than even some Divine Spirits.
If the author scaled this based on Tsukihime Remake then this is pretty much accurate.
Vlov ,a DA that can barely be considered as an Ancestor was capable of Freezing half of a city in a single blow while going all out and was giving even weakened arcuied trouble.
According to that scaling Ortenrose,being a leader of DAA s opposing Altrouge would be able to slap around most servants like Fodder.
IF this Shirou still retained his Servant Parameters than I would agree with you but it's just a human shirou with more magical power.
8/8 c21 Greyfox2
Well then, Emiya's gotten himself in one heck of a pickle... Good work on the chapter, it was a bit hectic but I'm looking forwards to the next chapter to see the fallout. This is an DAA, right? That's one tough cookie to fight.
8/7 c21 Guest
Dropped. This isn’t even Archer anymore, it’s just regular Shirou at this point.
8/7 c21 4Tertius711
What a dilemma Archer has found himself in
8/7 c21 vinayakdj1
Shit writing...
There is not a single apostle capable of overpowering Shirou/Emiya to such a large degree while being nonchalant about it.
There is a reason why Alaya was so keen on recruiting Emiya and most of his tenure as a counter guardian went into dealing with monsters like dead apostles...cuz remember...humans don't cause that many apocalyptic events
8/7 c21 3last admiral
Harem please! actual shirou harem.
8/7 c21 Amalgum
‘Braaa…. emiya shiro
8/7 c1 Guest
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8/7 c21 stakler
just got a question. why doesnt emiya use rule breaker to take out the curse?
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