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9/4 c24 149Pinkie pie sweets
I like the chapters you came up with. Some of them are kind of funny and love the characters you use.
9/3 c10 1DragonxGalX56
Wicked Episodes
8/24 c24 2Heart of the Demons
There's nothing "sheepish" about this chapter, because it was a pretty amazing read.
8/23 c23 Heart of the Demons
Well done on putting out another chapter of "Mew Mew Infinity."
8/23 c22 Heart of the Demons
This chapter sure wasn't "boar-ing." ;)
8/22 c23 45FairySinGirl
Hmm... I wonder who could have abducted Harley's mom.
Anyway, I'm glad the girls were able to rescue Kiki.
Aww, and the fox is so cute! I like the name they came up with for it, Dreamheart.
8/22 c22 FairySinGirl
Yeah Julianna acting like a goth didn't really suit her. Lol! But that was funny when she made that goth group clean up the lounge afterwards before leaving to join her friends.
8/21 c21 FairySinGirl
Hmm... I'm kinda curious to know about the story behind Harley's mom's disappearance.
Poor Dean Dennis though, I'm glad Lilith and her posse were punished for it by having to work in the kitchen.
8/20 c21 2Heart of the Demons
I'm happy about this new chapter very much. It was amazing from start to finish.
8/16 c20 45FairySinGirl
Those were some pretty interesting songs that the girls were playing. I mean I've never heard those songs before, but they seem like they're pretty good.
8/16 c19 FairySinGirl
Poor Chanel, but at least she still has all the time in the world to confess her feelings to Danna.
I'm glad they were able to put a stop to Gunnar and his crew though.
8/16 c19 2Heart of the Demons
This was a really amazing chapter all around. A highlight I appreciate most is the LGBT theme you're cleverly writing.
8/12 c18 45FairySinGirl
Poor Dean Dennis, but at least now the girls know not to bring any rabbits near him now with his allergies.
Aww, and I think Dean Dennis and Nurse Millward are cute together.
8/11 c17 FairySinGirl
Poor Karsyn, that sure was rude what her boyfriend said in that letter. Well she deserves better than him anyway, and I'm glad Khaleesi made her feel better and confessed her feelings to her. And I'm glad Khaleesi and Karsyn are now a couple now.
Lol! And I like how Carla, Danna, and Harley dressed up as clowns to cheer up the baseball team.
8/11 c18 2Heart of the Demons
This latest chapter of "Mew Mew Infinity" was absolutely golden to read. It was action-packed as well as hilarious.
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