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for The One Where Rachel Meddles

2/21 c16 ferborges1504
I am just so darn thankful for this story, it's SO well written, it gets you really anxious, and I just CAN'T WAIT to now what happens next
1/21 c16 20Cynthia Salander
Of course, Monica's ridiculous competitiveness was going to come into play at some point. That flashback was probably the funniest thing I've ever read! The story is developing fabulously, and I cannot wait to read the next chapter!
1/21 c15 Cynthia Salander
I don't think I've ever seen Janice and Ross explored as a couple in FFs, that was done so well! I was snickering picturing Janice and Marcel having their own conversation :D
It's awesome that you're writing about Phoebe's bisexuality, which is only hinted at on the show.
And Mondler... The scene at the end was so heartwarming. This chapter was the perfect mix of funny and fluffy.
1/21 c14 Cynthia Salander
Wow, SO much stuff has happened in this chapter! Loved all the 'Oh! My! God!'s. And I'm very curious to see what happened with the Rachel-Phoebe-Melissa situation, lol. The Mondler development, of course, is so exciting.

And I just wanted to tell you that I loved this line - 'Chatting like two people who knew each other inside and out yet were also still genuinely excited to spend time together' - that melted my heart. That is Mondler in a sentence. So beautiful. Brilliant chapter!
1/21 c13 Cynthia Salander
Roger was brilliant, brilliant, *brilliant* - just as annoyingly, eerily insightful as he is on the show. The moment in the end... Wow. I was gripping my laptop tightly in anticipation of the kiss and was so disappointed when Phoebe barged in. But yes, I understand that it had to be done. You are showing us the development of C&M's feelings for each other from friendship to something more so beautifully.
1/21 c12 Cynthia Salander
The reversal of the Phoebe-Rachel dynamics with regards to Paolo was fantastically done. The humor in your fics is always flawless, but Ross inspecting Rachel for Paolo's hand-print had me giggling out loud :D And of course, the pre-Mondler banter was perfect, too. Great chapter!
1/18 c11 Cynthia Salander
I love the little but brilliant twists to the canon that you're coming up with. C&M walking in on Nora kissing Ross is so much better than Joey doing the same. C&M's walk back home, the discernible tension, and their banter were all amazingly written.
Chandler and Monica more or less taking turns to ogle at each other without the other one knowing is hands down the best pre-Mondler content that could ever exist. And Rachel writing a fanfic about Mondler is now my most favorite headcanon, haha. Wonderful chapter and just the perfect length.
1/18 c10 Cynthia Salander
I can honestly say that I now feel pretty much like how Ross does at the end of this chapter, lol. At this point, I believe every single person other than Joey and our oblivious Chander thinks Rachel has a crush on Chandler, and Rachel certainly didn't help matters here.
Rachel's thoughts on Chandler at the beginning of the chapter was so interesting to read, and after the unexpected Randler kiss, I certainly needed the reassurance that Rachel isn't at all attracted to Chandler. Fantastic chapter!
1/18 c9 Cynthia Salander
I'm absolutely loving those little looks that you're providing into Rachel's life before the pilot. Her fondness for Vail and why exactly she is so fond of it were lovely to read.
Ross's crazy jealousy was spot on and very entertaining. The sudden sexual tension between C&M is palpable and extremely well written! I can actually feel how their feelings for each other are shifting around and taking a romantic turn.
1/10 c8 Cynthia Salander
Watching Rachel move on from subtle planning and hinting to outright maneuvering of C&M to get them closer shows her desperation and is so much fun to read :D And it looks like she hit the jackpot because it's working! I'm loving the slow build-up to this much-anticipated romance. Fabulous writing.
1/10 c7 Cynthia Salander
Monica missing Chandler without even realizing that she misses him at the moment... awww. And great twist with Paolo, and poor, poor, Ross.

When Rachel kept talking about passion, my brain immediately went, 'Yeah, but passion is overrated', and the next line from Monica? "Passion is kind of overrated." God, I love your Monica here, and it's all through Rachel's eyes, which makes it even more special. And when Monica talks about 'closeness', she is essentially describing her own later-season relationship with Chandler.

For a chapter with very minimal Mondler interaction, you so very effortlessly made me fall in love with Mondler all over again.
1/10 c6 Cynthia Salander
"Rachel made sure to make a mental note to herself; never have drunken sex with an ex without protection." Ha! That's brilliant :D I loved the glimpse into Rachel's thoughts on Ross, that maybe subconsciously, she did have feelings similar to Ross's for her, even at this point.

And finally, a very plausible explanation for the 4-5/19-20 sudden change! That actually works as a great filler scene too.

Rachel's momentary wavering as for the plan, only for her resolve to come back strengthened and reinforced - that was some fantastic stuff and fits very well with this episode.
1/10 c5 Cynthia Salander
Even though the gang accepted Rachel right away as one of them, she is sometimes still an outsider to their dynamics and secrets at that point - this chapter describes that perfectly.

"It was hard to get Monica to gossip about their friends." - I loved this little detail. Little snippets like these from Rachel's POV about Monica really shows us what an amazing person and friend Monica is.

I'm so excited to see how Rachel is going to involve Joey in her plan. The parallels to TOW the Stripper Cries and the adorable R&R interaction (with Ross talking about toilet-flushing myths - which he totally would, lol) were wonderful to read. This was such a fun chapter!
1/6 c4 Cynthia Salander
Rachel talking up Chandler for Monica's benefit is making everybody think that she has a crush on him, and it's making me giggle :D God, that's funny. Monica's POV in this chapter was a lovely surprise and that balcony C&M interaction was unbelievably adorable. The twist to the Twister scene was just perfect. Wonderful chapter.
1/5 c16 341RicardianScholar Clark-Weasley
Maybe Rachel should just lock Monica and Chandler in a room together, sounds like it's the final push they need. Absolutely fantastic chapter, you continue to really mix up the show but maintain the characters and tone of the original.
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