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for The Rat of Notre Dame II

3/3 c10 1ElsaLuver
I love it! I’m glad that Spike and Cholena got together and I like how you include Lu-La and Chip in your story! You did a great job on this sequel!
2/18 c9 ElsaLuver
Yay! I am so happy that Tzekel Kan is defeated, Chip is saved, and they got La Fidelle back! I can actually picture Lu-La transporting her memories into Spike and Ginger! And I love the ending of the chapter with Spike and Cholena!
2/14 c8 ElsaLuver
Oh no! Tzekel Kan got Chip! I hope Spike, Cholena, Ginger, Rocky, and Timmy can get to the catacombs in time!
2/14 c7 ElsaLuver
Spike took that better than I thought he would. I hope that they can find Lu-la and Chip and stop Tzekel Kan before it’s too late.
2/14 c6 ElsaLuver
I hope Spike won’t be mad at Cholena...
2/12 c5 ElsaLuver
That was a really sweet chapter and I really like Spike and Cholena's relationship. I think that Cholena is the perfect choice for Spike's love interest.
2/7 c4 ElsaLuver
That was great! Spike and Chip’s relationship is amazing, I liked how you kept Ginger in character, and it was perfect when you had Le Frog and his henchfrogs steal the jewels from the crowd during the circus.
2/6 c3 ElsaLuver
Cholena needs to get away from Tzekel Kan and tells Spike about his plan. I’m not surprise that Rocky doesn’t trust the circus especially since he was from there. He just needs to choose his words carefully in front of Ginger lol.
2/6 c2 ElsaLuver
I hope that Spike and Cholena will become a couple.
1/14 c1 ElsaLuver
I actually was wondering if you were going to do a sequel to “The Rat of Notre Dame” and I was happy to see that this got posted. Great chapter and I like how you put Chip and the alien from the new Shaun the sheep movie:) I am interested to see if Spike will get a love interest in this story.

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