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1/24/2020 c1 24Drumboy100
From Worf's battle cry to Odo inviting Kira into his bedroom under less than ideal situations to the Lamaze classes that demand a plot bunny of their own! My goodness, you do a lot with a limited amount of words! Poor Odo feels sorry for accidentally causing that genocide. :) True story: I kept a tribble on my work desk for years, a certain generation understood what it was and the next generation (forgive me) did not. Everything that leads to an Odo/Kira moment gets an A in my book!
1/15/2020 c1 26Iniki Melset
A charmer of a story - Odo having recourse to a Tribble is touching. I also enjoyed the responses of the other people to this infestation, one as different to the other as possible. Admittedly, I did laugh about Worf going into glorious battle against the Tribbles, but that only added to the enjoyment.
Odo telling the Tribble abouit his love for Kira was downright touching. Poor Korrigan...
1/15/2020 c1 51TequilaNervous
Owwwwww... poor Odo... how is possible for Kira not to see how sweet he was with her? I adore Kira, but she was so obtuse!

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