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for A Very Jagged Take-Down

10/30 c3 Guest
I /LOVE/ this story
10/25 c1 HeyVen
Oh My Goodness! I love this! I think the idea of niece Marinette is awesome! and the song is great!
10/13 c1 4Wrighting'GIRL3000
I love this so freakin much
10/11 c1 3Agiani
Writing a song calling out the liar. That's very Rock n' Roll, and something I can totally see Jagged doing.
9/29 c2 XxSlytherinDemigodxX
Idk abou you, but the rotation of the earth makes my day.
9/1 c3 JulianeMaeEditz
Wow, I'm speechless, I feel- good and satisfied and calm. I love it... Its perfect-
8/16 c3 9Halfblood With A SIG And A Pen
I stopped watching the show, but I still have to read your stories. Your writing is amazing!
8/13 c3 10KillgarraghForever
I love reading these! Leela or whatever her name was is a right bitch.
8/13 c1 KillgarraghForever
This is incredible! The song lyrics are great - are you a professional lyricist? Well done!
8/11 c3 Serrrriza
I've been holding back a squeal of joy since the first chapter and I loved it. Oh its so refreshing seeing Lila getting her just desserts! Revenge truly is a dish served stone( huh? Huh? Get it? Yeesh tough crowd. I'll see myself out) cold
7/30 c3 Bluerose160
It might be a bit mean of me to say this, I love Lila bashing stories! There’s nothing better than bullies being taken down a notch.
7/14 c3 1QueenOfStardust
Second I’m ive read this, and it’s just as brilliant as the first time. I love all the times you write in Jagged—he’s such a mood, honestly—but there was one line in here that I kind of want to see turned into a story, although you in no way have to do it (it just seemed kind of interesting). I kind of want to see a story where Marinette is bribing Chat Noir with baked treats, so like that one line, but delved more into it? Maybe something like those “Five Times _ and the One Time _”?
7/12 c3 AnimexFreakz 0.o
Such a good read! Thank you so much for writing, I really loved it!
6/25 c1 Alyssal316
This is the first story i read from Jagged Stones perspective and you did not disappoint! What an awesome Project: Take Down Lila story!
6/14 c3 20Alyce and Indi
*wolfish grin*
Have I mentioned how much I love these stories?
I was super into sewing when I was in my tweens. Drew clothes, planned out designs, imagined my future as a famous designer. Oh yeah, and fixed a few seams. Even made a really simple dress once. And if someone else, particularly someone who was trying to turn my friends against me, tried to claim credit for my work?
I'm luckier than Marinette. I have siblings who would help me punch Lila-er, I mean the hypothetical bully. My little brother is really strong, too, and he doesn't hit anyone weaker than him but I think he'd make an exception for someone like Lila. She's /special/, after all. :D
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