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for Marvel's Spider-Man 2

8/8 c30 2BruceDianaWayne
Game writers should read this it was so good
8/7 c30 Akira-Hayama
It’s been fun reading this story. It was nice reading a story based off of the latest Spider-Man game, as well as it focusing on SpiderCat? Instant win for me.

Think my favourite part of this story was just the progression of Peter and Felicia’s relationship. It was nicely paced, especially for how they are as characters, and how they gradually got back together after spending more and more time together. It was sorta wholesome, considering it’s them, lol.

I definitely can’t wait to see what you’ll bring out with the sequel. I’ll happily wait for whenever that arrives. Glad to have been here from the start, and to see it come to an end.

Great story overall. Till next time!
8/2 c29 Akira-Hayama
Harry as the Venom? Interesting concept. Don’t think I’ve come across a story which involves that scenario, so kudos for that idea.

Unfortunate that this is the second to last chapter of this story, but I’ve enjoyed reading it from start to finish, and I’ll be waiting patiently for the sequel!

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
7/31 c29 4ShadowStrike234
Finally, Venom is here! I am honestly hyped for the the sequel, and i give this story a 9/10. It was really well done but i sort of felt like MJ was done away with really quickly. Like, we spend the whole first game trying to get back with her, but in the sequel we go with Felicia in a flash. But, that's just my opinion, as i still love this story nonetheless!
7/21 c28 Spidey fan
I love this. But I will hope you make peter, felicia, mj threesome together. They would sleep together .
7/20 c28 Akira-Hayama
Kind of a bittersweet chapter for our heroes. Unfortunate that Norman wasn’t able to be saved, but at least they managed to save everyone. Be interested to see Harry’s reaction, and if he’ll come to hate Spider-Man.

A small detail, but it’s nice that the cops see Spider-Man and Black Cat as allies now. Granted, there’s always gonna be one that protests (JJ), but with Captain Stacy himself approving of them, I think they’re pretty good.

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
7/7 c27 ShadowStrike234
Super interesting, and yes i agree, Screwball is easily the most annoying villain in the first game.
6/30 c26 ShadowStrike234
Great story, i've been following it for about 3 months now. I just have one question: Why would Norman suddenly start hating Spider-Man? Spider-Man had saved him from Doctor Octopus in the game.
6/30 c26 Akira-Hayama
Well, here’s to hoping Peter comes in and swoops Felicia up before she goes anywhere near ground level. I know cats always land on their feet, but I’d rather not have Felicia test that theory.

And with Felicia, it was nice to see her getting some spotlight, especially her against Norman. It was a pretty fair fight, until near the end, but she did manage to go toe to toe with him. If only she had her luck ability.

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
6/22 c25 Spidey
You know. Perhaps if Felicia secretly pregnant to peter. Maybe in the Final chapter, Felicia would die, and her last words to Peter said we had a children. And Peter promise to Felicia ,he and mj will take care their child.
6/21 c25 Akira-Hayama
Felicia going after Norman on her own is just not gonna go well at all. That’s what he wants you to do, and she’s falling into the trap. She’s also running on emotions right now which is never a good thing.

A pretty food fight though. Wasn’t too much of a cake walk for our heroes, but just enough difficulty to actually be a fight. And considering MJ doesn’t really have anything, she put up a good fight against them. Whether Peter’s healing abilities will help him go after Felicia, doubtful(?) It’s not to the levels of Wolverine, so he ain’t getting up that easily.

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
6/15 c24 Akira-Hayama
God, even when they’re about to prepare for a battle where either may die, they’re still cute asf. Also love the addition of Peter using the suit Felicia made for him; very appropriate for the occasion, as he said.

Well, that was certainly a twist. Although I guessed it may have been Chameleon, still a nice twist having him imitate MJ. Should’ve known there’d be no other hostage apart from her, lol.

Excited to see this battle between. It’s a 2v3 against Peter and Felicia, but they’ve pulled off other things before.

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
6/3 c23 Leviathan117
Great story, just read through all of it. Even though the peter/MJ pairing is my favourite, Peter/Felicia is a close second. Can’t wait for the ending and to see what will happen in a sequel. While I was reading this I kept thinking how hilarious and ironic it would be if peter accidentally got Felicia pregnant just because of what happened in the game. Might make an interesting story if you’re into that. Keep up the great work.
6/2 c23 Akira-Hayama
Liking the buildup to the fight against Norman and Yuri. Interested to see how the fight will turn out, and if anything will actually happen with Peter and Felicia during it. Peters adamant on not losing either her and MJ, but one only has so much power to prevent anything from happening.

Liked the flashback too of them first meeting. Think any version of them meeting each other for the first time is quite iconic. I’m bias though coz my two favourite hero couples involve the females being cats, lol. Difference is ones a bat, the other is a spider.

The little Peter and Felicia moments are always cute too. They’re just the right amount of affection, with that added bit of wholesomeness with each other.

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
5/18 c22 Akira-Hayama
Slowly getting to that ending. Kinda disappointed coz the story will be ending soon, but also excited to see where this will all lead.

I may have missed something last chapter or something, but I’m also curious who the hostage is. Unless it’s just some random, they seem quite important with the way Norman was threatening them.

Interested to see how this fight between Peter and Felicia VS Norman and Yuri go down.

Good chapter overall. Till next time!
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