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for Hyperdevotion Noire - Randy's Adventurous Comeback

2/3/2020 c10 Optimus14
Not gonna lie, I was hoping to see some lemons with the generals
2/3/2020 c1 Optimus14
1. I'm happy to see that there is a sequel. 2. Why is Histoire a full grown women?
1/19/2020 c15 57Martial Arts Master
Congratulations on completing this story, especially since you said it took a few years. My apologies for not giving you more reviews; unfortunately I'm not a Neptunia fan, but I'm glad you were able to do what you wanted with the work!
1/16/2020 c1 4Ryuzuki98
Nice first chapter! Welcome back, Randy! And welcome back, Stevie!
1/15/2020 c1 57Martial Arts Master
Hmm, unfortunately I've never played the Neptunia franchise like I have Galaxy Angel and Danganronpa, so I'll have to wait to give you more reviews until future fanfics.

This does seem like a good story, though! I hope it becomes popular among those of your readers who are Neptunia fans.

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