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7/31 c15 2Rundivyn
I wish this was a question the game. Fighting the tyrant sounds like it would be fun as would fighting the falmer king and his guard.
7/31 c13 CorruptedFlame
... You gave skitter feminine swaying hips? I mean, I know this was originally post on QQ but c'mon! XD
7/30 c11 CorruptedFlame
The scales all seems so off. Everything feels way too small, and events are moving too quickly. News of her honey spreads everywhere in a WEEK? and she's actually got Honey in a couple? And the kingdom can only muster a few hundred warriors? Author, seriously, you need to do some actual research before you throw around these kind of figures. The reason skyrims cities are so small in game is more because of hardware limitations than because it makes sense you know? They literally just couldn't make true to scale medieval cities and such. C'mon...
7/30 c6 CorruptedFlame
Rereading this... I'd forgotten how much this stories like to retread everything from different perspectives... Again, and again, and again.
7/30 c26 4hvm2k2
Aww, did sumwun piss in the nazi elf bitch's wheaties? Such a shame. Shouldn't be a nazi elf bitch. Stupid Thalmor.

Brilliant story. Eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
7/29 c3 mst3ktoo
Seriously, fuck you, Contessa. With a chainsaw.
7/29 c2 mst3ktoo
I hope this is narratively Skyrim and not Worm or she is in trouble. Oh, who am I kidding, Taylor carries her luck with her...
7/29 c1 mst3ktoo
This is odd even for Skyrim, maybe it's a family work? Who finds their Wife dead and kids missing and takes a moment to write in their diary?
7/26 c26 SuperReader3000
This has been a delightful binge! Thank you for the story, I cannot wait to see how the dragons and drama play out!
7/23 c9 7ZeaDragon
Oh goodie, I can see where this is going. Queen of Blackreach.
7/10 c26 Kyuubi-dono
This was awesome. I admit, I know absolutely nothing about Elder Scrolls, so I pretty much treated this as Khepri in an original fantasy setting. Worked great!

I love everything about this. There should be more stories about our favorite bug controller starting a business. It's always a delight. Update when you can, and see you then. I'll check QQ too. Later!
6/18 c1 2Naosj
Is this the one?

Note to self: Yes it is, me. Don't let the 100k words fool you. It is indeed the one with the fake Taylor that goes around screwing dark elves with no remnant of her original personality or a "Worm"/"Ward" plot line. Go click away somewhere else, me.

Note to others: Skim through the reviews.
5/16 c21 Guest
I wonder the people of skyrim reaction to endbringers be like. Can make a one shot of that.
5/12 c26 forklifter16
I've been playing Skyrim for literally thousands of hours, since it first came out. I'm really enjoying your take on it. You've done a great job in blending Khepri into the mileau. I'm looking forward to seeing how Khepri and the Dragonborn interact, and in how Khepri and the Chaurus deal with dragons.
4/26 c26 jaclon
ROFL .. I love how you think .. Whenever I see an update for this tale I drop everything else and sit down to read. Thanks for sharing your stories.
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