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1/24 c26 1stSlug
Just found this little gem, a real shame it's not been updated in almost 10 months. :(
1/12 c26 Sable Dawn
Never thought of it before, but where did all them Draugr learn the4 thu'um, and if the undead can learn it why not the Chaurus after all the shouts can be upgraded by meditating on the concept and meaning of the words that compose them so the concept thought speech of the Chaurus sounds like a good fit, plus the image of the bugs shouting at dragons amuses me.
1/12 c23 Sable Dawn
Good thing Khepri started making the stamina potions, Farkas is going to need them, and I really really pity the silver hands.
1/12 c16 Sable Dawn
Butler Bori has such great aliteration that it needs to be sung in a bardic manner.
1/12 c12 Sable Dawn
The Thu'um is going to lead to much escalation, I love it.
12/4/2022 c24 Guest
Makes me wonder how things would turn out if the Thieves Guide moved into Khepri's town. Obviously asking first.
11/30/2022 c18 mst3ktoo
Ah yes, the inescapable fear that Khepri is nearby, staring at your tits.
11/30/2022 c7 mst3ktoo
Lol, Evander found her exhausting and Khepri thought he was a machine gun!
11/19/2022 c26 wavesunderstars
great story, I love it!
10/27/2022 c26 Guest

No, that would be Farkas.


No, that would be Farkas.


No, that would be Aela. Khepri is human as far as Elenwen knows.

Thanks for the chapter! Also, it's kind of funny that Khepri keeps naming the charus considering how bad Taylor was at naming things. Although it's not like there's any competition over naming rights here.
10/23/2022 c4 wavesunderstars
I like this so far. One mistake I found, Elenwen says "thank Mephala." I'd like to point out that the Altmer don't worship the Deadra or the Tribunal like the Dunmer, but rather have a pantheon of their own, which include the Eight Divines and other Aedra
10/11/2022 c26 Guest
Espero que todo te vaya bien y que no falte mucho para el próximo capítulo.
7/31/2022 c15 2Rundivyn
I wish this was a question the game. Fighting the tyrant sounds like it would be fun as would fighting the falmer king and his guard.
7/31/2022 c13 CorruptedFlame
... You gave skitter feminine swaying hips? I mean, I know this was originally post on QQ but c'mon! XD
7/30/2022 c11 CorruptedFlame
The scales all seems so off. Everything feels way too small, and events are moving too quickly. News of her honey spreads everywhere in a WEEK? and she's actually got Honey in a couple? And the kingdom can only muster a few hundred warriors? Author, seriously, you need to do some actual research before you throw around these kind of figures. The reason skyrims cities are so small in game is more because of hardware limitations than because it makes sense you know? They literally just couldn't make true to scale medieval cities and such. C'mon...
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