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9/24/2021 c15 1dreaddragonknight
Huh so Garl and Rikke have a hate sex thing going on? Neat.
Also I know it will be redundant but the dwarves were assholes
9/24/2021 c14 dreaddragonknight
Yeah our girl is real good at being an unstoppable force of chitin nature
9/24/2021 c13 dreaddragonknight
Drevas Is a neat character I don’t really know him though.
9/24/2021 c12 dreaddragonknight
Skitter is amazing and best bug

And Frakas is a smart and wise man
9/24/2021 c11 dreaddragonknight
I love the thieves guild those guys are great.

Also the Dwemer nerds being a thing is something I didn’t know I wanted before
9/24/2021 c10 dreaddragonknight
Asskicking now ensues for the shitty goblins
9/24/2021 c9 dreaddragonknight
Interesting lore
9/24/2021 c8 dreaddragonknight
I find it hilarious and enjoyable to read but why is Taylor so damn horny?
9/24/2021 c7 dreaddragonknight
It feels like Taylor has forgotten some things from earlier in the story, like how she compared Jarl Skald to Tagg. Otherwise good chapter, really feels like Taylor is enjoying the new life
9/24/2021 c6 dreaddragonknight
This chapter was greatly amusing and fun, good on Taylor for getting laid, most post GM fics tend to ignore romance in general unless it is prestablished by the story
9/23/2021 c5 dreaddragonknight
Huh Astrid not being a total bitch to a newbie? That is the most unbelievable part of this chapter
9/23/2021 c4 dreaddragonknight
Wow shitting on both of the main mead makers of skyrim? I too like to live dangerously but damn
9/23/2021 c3 dreaddragonknight
Poor Taylor she has forgotten that the shoe is always waiting to drop on her. Also Taylor naming on of those things Skitter is hilarious
9/23/2021 c2 dreaddragonknight
It is amazing how few fics really use the fact that Taylor was not all mentally together after GM they usually hand wave her into being back to her usual self
9/23/2021 c1 dreaddragonknight
Huh what an odd way to handle Skyrim, I am intrigued
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