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7/6/2021 c13 Guest
a Chaurus unheard of or seen in living memory.

"Not the first." Drevas grunted, drawing Khepri's gaze. He stroked his wispy beard and growled, "Ran into one like that, but smaller, some… oh, must've been sixty years ago, in Elsewyr."

Both of these are from Drevas' point of view. So it's unheard of and unseen in living memory, but it's not only within his own race's lifespan but that of a normal human.
7/6/2021 c24 Guest
The bad news? They'd been tasked to rob Khepri of something valuable that she wouldn't miss, to prove they were still worth being called a Guild branch.

"You took WHAT?!"
"Well, first I tried pinching some silverware. Apparently that was a housewarming gift from a couple up in Dawnstar. After I managed to get myself out of all the web she'd strung me up in I thought maybe a coin or two would go unnoticed. No dice there, had my hand in the chest she uses for donations to the local temple, couple of chaurus sat on me for half the damn day! And she has a fondness for filling her clothes with spiders so you can go for a swim in the middle of winter if you think I'm touching anything like that."
"Yeah, and she let me walk back here with all of them too. Even gave me a hunter escort when a couple of bandits got uppity."
"...she what?"
7/3/2021 c20 Guest
I had my own library!

Yeah, but every time you come home all the books are scattered about the room and you have to organise them all over again.
7/3/2021 c18 Guest
Then, on the evening before the 1st of Sun's Dawn, Khepri arrived in Dawnstar


The Egyptian god that is associated with the sun (including the rising/coming thereof) arrives before the dawning of the sun in Dawnstar.

I'm torn over whether or not this is too clichéd or just utterly appropriate. I like it either way!
7/3/2021 c13 Guest
"Before the Legion can fully commit, Miss Khepri, my General would like to know what the Chaurus will do, once this is over."

"zzzzFind Queen virile matezzz."
"Is your bug alright?"
"Ignore her! She's joking!"
"zzzMany matezzz."
7/2/2021 c6 Guest
Well, all of these events happened kind of fast. In my opinion, it wouldn't have hurt to stretch things over a little longer time frame.
Couple of month or something. Why would Maven instantly sent a pirate crew with news traveling thought the entire country and back to someone who might produce some honey before it is even really spring.
7/2/2021 c4 Shor
Really great story, but aren't you making the world a little too small?
The in game sizes and distances are not the actual lore canon sizes of cities. News would take weeks to spread.
7/4/2021 c12 DasFalle
I'm somewhat disappointed in the apparent pairing with farkas mainly cause I have a love for serana that trumps all others, and at the beginning the writing gave of the impression of Taylor (cause I don't remember how to write Khepri) to be either bi or lesbian and having been in a relationship with Lisa
5/14/2021 c5 timmy1022
I dont usually like it when a story jumps back a few days to retell events that were just mentioned. But in this case the quality of your writing makes up for it. Great scenes.

At least you didn't show the thalmor conversation after these scenes. That would be as boring and skippable as a PHO reaction chapter. God I despise those.
5/4/2021 c23 BlazeStryker
If the Thalmor being Nazi-Mer gets attached to Elenwhen's undead status... anyone else expecting "Psycho-Billy"? We're getting pretty deep into Wolfenheim territory.
5/4/2021 c22 BlazeStryker
I think Elenwhen's mostly just amused with the pun of being a lusty Argonian's maid... I'll see myself out.
5/4/2021 c4 BlazeStryker
It kind of figures a Northern boy and major self-identified Nord like Ulfric would be into Juniper mead.
4/21/2021 c10 8RenegadeForLife
I like this story so far. I decided to look at Worm Skyrim crossovers after reading a really good Victoria in Skyrim fic on spacebattles. This one seems to have a much more relaxed tone but it's still fun. Not a lot has actually happened so far other than a few low levels getting curb stomped so I'm curious how it will continue.
To be honest I don't entirely agree with your argument for why this character isn't OOC. I get where you're coming from. In fanfiction if a character changes in a believable way over time due to events that happen to them and choices they have to make then that's just character development, not the character being OOC. But if you replace events in the story with something like brain damage at the beginning of the story then I don't feel like that logic really applies. Something like that can explain why a character is OOC but it doesn't really change the fact that they are. And it's not like a character being OOC in some ways necessarily makes a story bad.
Really I don't think this character is that different from the canon one. She definitely is different but most of her core values seem to be the same. I just feel like if you use brain damage and memory loss as an excuse to change a character's personality then it is weird to argue that they are "in character". Feels like the term loses meaning in that case.
4/15/2021 c5 Guest
Bro this shit is phenomenal
4/14/2021 c24 Blaze1992
Okay gotta be honest when I clicked into this I didn't think it would hook me so thoroughly, but the little twists you did with the bugs being "slaves" and can speak was beyond great.

But I am confused why you didn't add in the frost bite spiders as "aware" too.

The only other thing I am confused about is why she fell for farkas, I came in late to the worm fandom but from what I seen so far isn't Taylor being paired with females?
I didn't read the book so I just thought she was for the females only.

Anyhow this fic is great I would really like to see you using the same idea but in fallout verse instead of Skyrim. Or hell maybe throw her into Star wars onto a planet with say the bugs from starship troopers.
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