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3/24/2021 c24 PasiveNox
Wonderful chapter
3/24/2021 c24 Sj
Jordis dismissing the chance at being with Khepri when Khepri had thought of her joining as their mistress at the end of the previous chapter was a nice touch. It definitely speaks to the cultural differences the two grew up under. Hopefully the relationship resolves itself in a way everyone is happy with, I like your take on Jordis.
3/24/2021 c24 Guest
3/24/2021 c24 2ranma hibiki
the thieves guild could just steal any of the badges, awards, etc.. given for being a thane of any/all of the holds! they are very valuable, and completely useless to her! they just have to spy on her a bit (or send in a patsy) to find that out! ;3
3/24/2021 c24 UnicornCode
Maybe Steal those medal lol. I wouldnt said no if this become revease harem tbh.
3/24/2021 c24 1Lieutenant Paladine
Ah, this is quite the enjoyable romp. Baked, my friend, you have crafted a fine narrative. It brings a smile to my face every time I read it.

Have a wonderful day!
3/24/2021 c24 shugokage
Thanks for another excellent chapter and fun scenes!
3/24/2021 c24 2Sonicman66
Something valuable that Khepri won't miss? Easy job, thieves, just take that gilded and bedazzled paperweight she got. She'll probably send Imp over to thank them (and steal all their silverware).
The little bit in the A/N about Lycanthropy gave me a cursed realization. Lycanthrophy is passed through fluid ingestion usually. If Khepri happens to swallow, we may have a were-goddess on our hands.
3/24/2021 c24 176Firehedgehog
3/24/2021 c24 23Miko 56
welp that's such a high stamina that a sexual encounter lasts one day hahahaha! But in all seriousness what happened to the Dragonborn?
3/24/2021 c24 dragonnargus
Were-babies sounds like something that might interest Sheogorath :p
3/24/2021 c24 Kalstorm99
3/24/2021 c24 GiantPsychoGecko
I love this story, but a cannon is a bit too small a caliber to describe what you did to Skyrim. Try a mixed HE/White phosphorus artillery bombardment. With the caveat that it actually improved on the plot. That I think should say something.
3/24/2021 c24 Sebine
Jordis wants a piece of Khepri
3/24/2021 c24 Sebine
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