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3/24/2021 c24 KongoBongo
brilliant as always, love the story and look forward to more
3/24/2021 c24 3Quietlovingman
Excellent chapter, surprising AU with the thieves guild. What is the average lifespan of an Argonian? Did the Nerevarine become immortal? Is the Hero of Kevatch still around as well?
3/24/2021 c24 Rake1810
Forgetting Khepri for one second, I love the fixes to some if the dumber parts of Skyrim. But Khepri and the Chaurus are awesome. Fantastic chapter.
3/24/2021 c24 1SkyCaptain502
Best possible resolution to the thieves guild: The thieves successfully enter Whenon Glades while Khepri is elsewhere, they aquire the item they want and leave. Imp notices them, pickpockets back the items along with a bunch of others and replaces them with some of her favorite shiny rocks.
3/17/2021 c23 6ColdFang
Just stumbled upon this while following up on another of your stories. This was a really fun relaxing read and I really enjoyed it. Would love to see more of Khepri's adventures in the future!
3/8/2021 c23 Legion29
Thank god for reddit otherwise i would have never found this absolutely FANTASTIC story.
3/7/2021 c23 Dark RNGesus
Thank you for the story I am really enjoying it.
3/3/2021 c23 gremlin914
I very much enjoy the aspect of Khepri of the businesswomen. The lack of Zion pushing conflict allows for some great uses.
3/2/2021 c19 gremlin914
solid chapter, an implied bad***ness and an adorable moment.
2/26/2021 c23 Gamelord42
Best. Fic. Ever. Fantastic writing, amazing characterization, beautiful attention to lot while adding fitting extras, and SEXY. May the Aedra and Deadra bless you traveler. :D
2/22/2021 c21 zmanjz
Is that how that crazy cow level in diablo II was created? Someone turned the demons to cows, but with hundreds of years of standing around, they eventually figured out how to stand on 2 legs and fight?
2/22/2021 c10 zmanjz
" It's not OOC if there's reasons for it"

Correct! That is one of the most correct statements ever (and let me just say i love what you've done with Taylor.)
2/19/2021 c19 Spellflame
The princes are scared of her
2/14/2021 c23 Guest
So, how did Khepri end up in the Godhead’s Dream in the first place?
2/15/2021 c23 Xaax
So, I got a question I'm hoping can be answered. The Thalmor WANT to die, right? They're goal is the destruction of Nirn. So why don't they just destroy themselves and bugger off? Is there something I'm missing?
Cause if they destroy Nirn, they die as well. At least that is what makes sense to me. So why are they trying bring all the other races down with them? Just go be salty Elves and leave everyone alone.
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