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7/23 c9 7ZeaDragon
Oh goodie, I can see where this is going. Queen of Blackreach.
7/10 c26 Kyuubi-dono
This was awesome. I admit, I know absolutely nothing about Elder Scrolls, so I pretty much treated this as Khepri in an original fantasy setting. Worked great!

I love everything about this. There should be more stories about our favorite bug controller starting a business. It's always a delight. Update when you can, and see you then. I'll check QQ too. Later!
6/18 c1 2Naosj
Is this the one?

Note to self: Yes it is, me. Don't let the 100k words fool you. It is indeed the one with the fake Taylor that goes around screwing dark elves with no remnant of her original personality or a "Worm"/"Ward" plot line. Go click away somewhere else, me.

Note to others: Skim through the reviews.
5/16 c21 Guest
I wonder the people of skyrim reaction to endbringers be like. Can make a one shot of that.
5/12 c26 forklifter16
I've been playing Skyrim for literally thousands of hours, since it first came out. I'm really enjoying your take on it. You've done a great job in blending Khepri into the mileau. I'm looking forward to seeing how Khepri and the Dragonborn interact, and in how Khepri and the Chaurus deal with dragons.
4/26 c26 jaclon
ROFL .. I love how you think .. Whenever I see an update for this tale I drop everything else and sit down to read. Thanks for sharing your stories.
4/19 c23 AnthonyR89
I have to admit, im...irritated with you making your Nerevarine an Argonian. I don't particularly like argonians, to be honest.

doesn't help that I usually play a Dunmer in the games. or that Morrowind is my favorite game in the series.
4/19 c19 AnthonyR89
...did you just imply that she inherited Scion's power when she killed him?
4/19 c26 Immortal Potatoe
4/18 c12 AnthonyR89
...92 is pretty young for a mer, dude. like, not even middle aged. especially when they are mages.
4/18 c10 AnthonyR89
and reading your review response made me picture Taylor stealing control of the Collectors from Harbinger in Mass Effect.
4/18 c2 AnthonyR89
to be honest, Balgruuf is the only Jarl I actually like. barring that, I'd probably try to settle in Markarth simply because I like the design. and I like Dwemer.

surprised you didn't have Taylor try to claim that lighthouse, though.
4/18 c1 AnthonyR89
...yeah, I don't think she realizes how many Falmer there are. or dwemer constructs, for that matter. is this set during Skyrim?
4/6 c7 Vansmoke
Sassy Khepri is new for me, strange too honestly. Living peacefully do wonder to her lust lol
4/4 c25 animusand
Look what you did. I haven't played Skyrim in like, a year. Now, after reading for a little bit, I'm right back into it.
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