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4/4 c25 animusand
Look what you did. I haven't played Skyrim in like, a year. Now, after reading for a little bit, I'm right back into it.
3/31 c26 shugokage
Excellent job on this chapter an amazing story!
3/30 c26 Gamelord42
Gods be praised! Excellent chapter! May the muses continue to inspire you! :D
3/30 c25 16zigmas
(This is meant for the next chapter, but I already commented there.)
I certainly failed to read about the last third of the story my last time around, lol.
While this is only very tangentially Worm (or Taylor, really), this is still a quite good generic fantasy read (though I'm very unfamiliar with the other fandom's lore, and I'd like to keep it that way, lol).
And Imp... is Imp, indeed.
3/29 c26 adam110902
great chapter
3/29 c26 twbreedlove
Bwahahahahahaha, suck it Elenwen.
3/29 c26 phantomman101
Yup, I'm still in love with this story.
3/29 c8 4BanzEye
While many would complain about Taylor being horny as hell, with me agreeing to an extent, it does kinda make sense. Remember, Taylor hasn’t had time to relax in…well, forever. I mean, she basically spent years with all this pent up stress, so her doing…well, “it” a lot doesn’t really seem as far off as some would make it seem. It’s still kinda OOC, but not to a large extent.
3/29 c26 KongoBongo
Black-Briar is an idiot, oh well looking forward o more :)
3/29 c26 Ronmr
Did the messenger survive? I hope he did.
3/29 c20 Sebine
it's always the Hermione's that are freaks in private
3/29 c26 1dreaddragonknight
Great chapter, I overall keep enjoying Taylor/khepri of all people being adorable and in love and stuff. Though I don’t remember why the Thalmer are worth spiting to her, did they do something specifically or is just because they are arrogant assholes?
3/29 c26 1Limbo The Hidden Dragon
Yaay update!
3/29 c26 alaskan-dracolych
Yeah, kinda figured that's why you had it end in the Marsh, instead of them having to trek to the Arch Mages Tower. Gotta admit, you made that fight do justice to the hellish end to that quest. Even with Meridia's blade, I still come loaded as if for Labarinthian itself.
3/29 c26 2CMVreud
Adding insult to injury and salting it too.
Could not have happened to a nicer person.
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