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3/28 c26 Bluesnowman
3/28 c26 mavow1
Thanks for the chapter love, this story feels that Taylor after all her hard work is finally getting peace and happiness she deserves. Thanks for the update.
3/28 c26 S33R
Aaaaah. Fuck the Thalmor
3/28 c26 UnicornCode
Welcome back . If writing battle is boring for you. You dont need to force yourself to write that. I think your slice-of-life is fun to read too. Good work as always
3/28 c26 Jack1nTheBox
dunno why I stopped reading this a while back to be honest, it's fun, even if I have a hard time seeing Farkas as attractive.
3/28 c26 TheWickedTruth89
Great chapter, I can't wait to see more.
3/28 c26 8Quathis
Great fight with a warm conclusion, for Farkas and Khepri's side anyway. Elenwen certainly felt vindictive about it. Looking forward to how the rest of Tamriel react to this news. Certainly big, with ripples in the society. Until next time.
3/28 c26 PredaconWyvern
I am kinda curious why the author used the word for 'tree' here, did I miss something translating?

"Sahlo ol reyth, nuz hi krif, kiir," Mikrul sneered as he approached, drawing his sword back for a plunge, preparing to skewer Farkas.

The dovahzul translator I use has 'reyth' listed as meaning tree, and being a reference to a ship. The only other meaning it listed was that it could occasionally mean 'river'.
3/28 c26 Kalstorm99
Nice chapter!
3/28 c26 Blaze1992
Talk about 2 birds and one stone in one move.
3/28 c26 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Wait a minute…. Is Taylor and Farkas’s son or daughter going to be the Dragonborn? That would be cool.
3/28 c26 PotaroReader


What a way to stick it to the Thalmor, and she can't even do anything about it!

Can't wait to see the next chapter.
3/28 c26 osterreicher97
Lol… get trolled Elenwen… though I definitely agree with her, in that Delphine is an idiot.
3/28 c26 Smokinbarrrel
Thank-you for the update. It is always a pleasure to read about Khepri, and her brood.
3/28 c26 16zigmas
I. Have. Been. Looking. For. This. Story. For. Days. Now. LOL!
I only remembered something about it being a crossover, Taylor controlling some local "mutant bugs", and there being episodes involving "assassin" and "honey", lol.
And still, I couldn't find it whatsoever.
Made me super-frustrated for some reason (not too much of a great story, this is, it's mostly just on principle, ya know).
And then you updated - right in front of me.
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