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3/28/2022 c26 Blaze1992
Talk about 2 birds and one stone in one move.
3/28/2022 c26 6Zane Tribal Tyne Alexandros
Wait a minute…. Is Taylor and Farkas’s son or daughter going to be the Dragonborn? That would be cool.
3/28/2022 c26 PotaroReader


What a way to stick it to the Thalmor, and she can't even do anything about it!

Can't wait to see the next chapter.
3/28/2022 c26 osterreicher97
Lol… get trolled Elenwen… though I definitely agree with her, in that Delphine is an idiot.
3/28/2022 c26 Smokinbarrrel
Thank-you for the update. It is always a pleasure to read about Khepri, and her brood.
3/28/2022 c26 16zigmas
I. Have. Been. Looking. For. This. Story. For. Days. Now. LOL!
I only remembered something about it being a crossover, Taylor controlling some local "mutant bugs", and there being episodes involving "assassin" and "honey", lol.
And still, I couldn't find it whatsoever.
Made me super-frustrated for some reason (not too much of a great story, this is, it's mostly just on principle, ya know).
And then you updated - right in front of me.
3/28/2022 c26 Sebine
Farkas fighting in a banana hammock
3/28/2022 c26 1Ace of Hate
Looking forward to Skitter dealing with Maven and Elenwen.
3/28/2022 c26 GiantPsychoGecko
When I play Skyrim I typically try to avoid using console commands with one notable exception: Set (Character ID) Non-essential for actually clearing civil war camps and killing such detestable personas such as Elenwen and Delphine. Wbu?
3/28/2022 c26 1ShadeslayerX
Welp, Maven is gonna be history. Still curious what race The Last Dragonborn will be. That is, if you'll have one in this work of literature :3
3/28/2022 c26 1SkyCaptain502
Weddings are always fun. Imp is going to be an absolute troll of a flower girl, Skitter is the best bridesmaid, and I can just picture a tiny little newborn charus with a bow as the ring, er, Amulet bearer.
2/8/2022 c14 4JessesanMan
Loving this story so far, but I do have one complaint.

I think you're lowballing Dunmer ages big time. Brelyna being 16 is one thing, but calling 90 something old?

We know they can live for centuries. They aren't too far off from Altmer, who are said to be able to add a century to their lifespans with a particular posture. And this is ignoring Dyvath Fyr, who's over 4000
2/7/2022 c22 2CMVreud
A nice chapter. It held all you promised, but slowly, so slowly the plot advances. *sigh*
Can't wait- oh, right, I've got backlo~g. XD

...and before I forget: Hail Sithis~
1/30/2022 c25 Leonardo Castro
Nice chapter. Thank you. Not sure you are being lore compliant or not. The girl runaways from the temple and if the player run into I sure she sells flowers. My memory spotty.
1/30/2022 c8 10Peruna
oh my god, Farkas is such a himbo, I can't even. Favourite hubby all the way
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