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1/16/2020 c2 KongouBongo
im enjoying this, looking forward to more
1/16/2020 c8 ChronoMitsurugi
Ah i see. This is one of 'those' stories.
Well, it really is well done, but im afraid its not for me.
Keep up the great work though. Im sure many people will love it. Im being 100 percent serious about it being a well written story.

Thanks for sharing.
1/16/2020 c8 alaskan-dracolych
This is a different take on a skyrim crossover. Very well done, too.
1/16/2020 c7 ramul
1/15/2020 c8 Guest
Looking forward to the next chapter
1/15/2020 c1 Guest
This is really goos
1/16/2020 c6 ChronoMitsurugi
Nope. Lol To me, that Priest of Mara serves only one purpose. To die for my Skull of Corruption.

Erandur is definitely an interesting choice. Off putting to me, but definitely original.
1/16/2020 c8 LordXeenTheGreat
nice chapter
1/16/2020 c7 LordXeenTheGreat
great chapter
1/16/2020 c6 LordXeenTheGreat
love the last scene
1/16/2020 c5 LordXeenTheGreat
love the chapter
1/16/2020 c4 LordXeenTheGreat
nice povs
1/16/2020 c3 LordXeenTheGreat
love the last line
1/16/2020 c2 LordXeenTheGreat
poor taylor
1/16/2020 c8 Grimm Magician
I ship it.
Khepri/Farkas FTW!
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