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1/15 c13 To the brainlet
Rot. First of you are still Ignorant, and huge fleet? Are you truly a tard? Well apparently, and it is funny of you, to call someone ignorant, when you know next to nothing about warhammer 40K, and if you don’t like the story you can just. Idk... Kill yourself? Or leave and stop making me lose my brain cells every time I see thy name. Oh and what kind of name is “Rot” anyway? You would need one more T and an A and then it would be Rotta, which if I remember correctly is some languages word for Rat, quite fitting for a waste of air such as thy self
1/14 c1 Rot
And I wish the user "To the brainlet" good mental health.
1/14 c1 Rot
Listen to Mend1cant Bias, if you don't know any Warhammer not Star Wars, then you better not get involved in this case. The fact is that in order to carry out the exterminatus with the help of shelling, the Imperium gathers a huge fleet, while the Star Destroyer is able to do it alone. With the help of a cyclone torpedo, even the Millennium Falcon can destroy the planet, and a Virus bomb, in general, does not damage the planet, it only kills all life on torpedo is a cheat, similar weapons were even in the republic.
1/14 c13 To the brainlet
Rot, you are one of if not the most ignorant person I have ever seen on the internet, and I have argued with holocaust deniers and nazis, neo nazis, a delusional communist that believes that AI is better than humanity on every level, and mentally challenged apes that have been thought how to use computers(I do not how, but that is the closest thing I could compare them too) and many more, so please stop wasting our precious oxygen and stop breathing, sincerely guest
1/12 c13 1LordofSalt-Eclipse
Oh no I feel really bad for the empire. They seem to have grabbed the attention of the inquisition. Also, from what your authors note at the end of chapter 13 says they're sending the Death Korps of Krieg? Those stormtroopers are going to be massacred. I'm looking forward to this.
1/9 c13 4Mend1cant Bias
To the guest idiot that refers himself as Rot,

You must be a complete tool if you really believe the shit your spewing, the production time on ships I can get (due to the fact the Imperium install weapons that say fuck you to star destroyers). The Empire barely has shit in terms of firepower against the Imperium, the Mechanicus alone would give them a bloody black eye and more. It only requires a handful of Imperium ships and one barrage of their cyclonic torpedoes or even one ship with a virus bomb to wipe a planet. Learn your facts or stfu
1/2 c1 Bleadun
Why is everyone shouting about the Kriegs? Ordinary soldiers by all accounts, and in the siege of Vrax they generally ran away in fear, so much so that they shot their commissars
1/1 c7 Rot
The new god, And the Star Destroyer has an acceleration of 2300G. Clearly, the Empire's ships are much faster. But TIE fighters can fly at near-light speeds in space. Although the films show that they leave the atmosphere in 3-4 seconds. That is, these indicators of 1200 kilometers per hour are false, or rather a secondary canon.
1/1 c7 Rot
It is very funny to hear these cries about the fact that the Imperium eclipses the Empire in military or industrial terms. Both confirmations are erroneous, one Imperial-class Star Destroyer is able to arrange the planet exterminatus in less than a day. And the Imperium would need a fleet of hundreds of ships to do that. (this is naturally not counting all sorts of cyclone torpedoes and other devices for destroying planets, because they are not effective against enemy ships. And similar arrangements for the destruction of planets were still in the days of the Old Republic. Why, even the Hutts had them, launching asteroids at near-light speeds, using rail guns, and destroying continents and planets.) As for the industry in general, it's a laugh, the Imperium has been building an 8-kilometer ship for about ten years. Do you know how much they built the 19-kilometer "Executioner"? In half a year, and the "Executioner" is hundreds of times more powerful than the Imperial, which in turn can turn the surface of the planet into slag in less than a day. That is, it is 11 times larger and hundreds of times more powerful than the ship that exterminatus suits. The Empire can build twenty of them, until the Imperium completes a weaker than even one Imperial super-destroyer, no matter how you look at all indicators(except for some, of course) The Empire is superior to the Imperium, and even the Republic would defeat the Imperium with comparative ease. Here the author rather exaggerates the power of void shields.
1/1 c13 Rot
Just a reminder that the E-11 blaster is able to incinerate a metal hatch, at high settings. As it was in episode 4.
12/30/2020 c13 omaribacache316
Hi, I love it great fanfiction keep the awesome work
12/29/2020 c13 EternalWisdom
Good father/Son bonding. Really like how you write Vader in this.

I'm looking forward to your ingenious plans for this ambitious crossover.

Have a lovely day and evening.
12/29/2020 c12 EternalWisdom
Good ol fashioned inquisitor bickering, everyones' favorite nuns with guns, and the continuously exceptional writing? Yes please. May I have some more?

But in all seriousness, yet another fine chapter that was a lot of fun to read. I can't contain my enthusiasm and am immediately starting in on the next one.
12/29/2020 c11 EternalWisdom
Nice job, as usual.

I really like the back and forth of Star Wars and 40K perspectives, very cool. This kind of military headbutting is exactly what i like to see in these crossovers.

You're nailing it.
12/28/2020 c10 EternalWisdom
Good stuff, as always!
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