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for Living Death

1/20/2020 c2 mcal
“Never let me go.” oh my heart! I love this so much. It’s so poignant and beautiful and... “ Her small hands find their way into the fine strands of his hair at his neck. He shivers as her fingertips brush his skin.
It feels like a beginning, a promise of days and years to come, and he moves his mouth with hers, relieved and grateful.” —there love is real and there and a foundation for a life, but it’s pointed and fitting for the harsh reality of the post war world. THIS IS JUST BRILLIANT! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing this and letting me have a glimpse of it before hand! I deeply loved this!
1/20/2020 c2 UnicornMist
Oh man! That ending killed me, although I didn't expect Hermione to be a willing refugee forever in his rooms. Thanks for sharing
1/19/2020 c2 SpaceKace
Ugh. So gut wrenching. Killed me. Yes it was bittersweet, but truthfully how could Draco live with himself. It’s just gruesome!

Great story though! I loved every word. Of course Ron would mess it up hahah. Cheers!
1/19/2020 c2 45tmtcltb
Until the end I really thought Draco might pull it off, even if it was a secret life. Horrible yet beautiful.
1/19/2020 c1 tmtcltb
I love the way you spun this story.
1/19/2020 c2 8Ditte3
Oh thank you. It was awesome.
1/19/2020 c2 Viveen
So bittersweet! My feelings are all a muddle.
1/19/2020 c2 2Raverin Prefect
So sad! ️
1/19/2020 c2 2WriteAwayMaam
Very cool story! Bittersweet is better than just bitter, yes, but
1/19/2020 c1 CaptainJo76
WOW OHMYGOODNESS i am stunned, blown away, breathless, sad, sooooo taken aback by that ending... this was for real a masterpiece. i thought draco would’ve been the selfish one in the end and erased her memory (which reminds me of another fic where that happened, along with katie bell being wiped of her memory and married to flint) BUT THAT ENDING! he respected her wishes! he loved her! he was willing to give up everything for her! ugh i’m feeling too many things right now. i will never be the same after reading this
1/19/2020 c2 Black Banshee
Honestly, I didn't see it coming. I'd gladly flay Narcissa.
1/19/2020 c2 FrankieFrankie
I loved this. The tone is perfect - you were able to capture something dark and innocent at the same time.
1/19/2020 c1 Reader-and-a-dreamer
Fantastic! Just wow
1/19/2020 c2 sunshineceline
Oh that was amazing! Draco wasn't Orpheus but Hades all along! I LOVED your plot twist! Oh and you also timed the seasons just right (I've just figured that out writing this review!)... beautiful!
1/19/2020 c2 Amalynna11
mind blowing and awesome! cant wait for more
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